Self titled “ghost-punk” Brooklyn-based trio These Are Powers do nothing to sugar coat the grimy center of their club-ready bass and electro shock sound. Thick, sweet and sludgy, their bombastic, East meets reggaeton shuffle owes as much to dancehall as contemporary dirty electro. Rifling bass and scattered snare shots compete over ripped speaker synth lines and sampled vocals to make the kind of guilty dance-punk that M.I.A perfected on Kala. Started by ex-Liars bassist Pat Noecker (bass, electronics, vocals), the band is on Dead Oceans Records in the U.S. and has a vinyl release with the Swedish label Deleted Art, they have also featured in live improvised performances and collaborations as These Our Powers.

“The bursts of noise, screaming, skronk, and rhythmic terror are often as exhausting as they are exciting…working hard to recombine those strands of post-punk DNA into a wonderfully ugly mutation” PITCHFORK.COM


Leeds based trio Quack Quack have established themselves as one of the most unique and different bands in the UK currently playing, doing their most to push things forward with their original brand of experimental fusion of electronica, punk, post-rock and jazz. Comparisons are most clear with the likes of Can (with member of Quack Quack contributing to the current day Damo Suzuki network), with the pulsing, driving rhythems pushing through a conconction of complex and compelling instrumentation. What's clear, however is that's it live where the band are focused on energy and occasion, whether through their musical performance or sheer running around the room. They are also in the capital for an XFM session on that day, and this sees a special appearance in London as part of a long-standing desire to have the band play a Rockfeedback show.


Brighton's MASKS are turning the ever-growing lo-fi punk scene on it's head, taking influence from the likes of HEALTH, Ratatat and Fuck Buttons MASKS create experimental yet glimmering noise that doesn't shy away from pop sensibilities. Re-recording their debut EP "so as not to sound like they came mostly from our bedrooms" MASKS have a certain lo-fi aesthetic but are seemingly unafraid to use whatever they can get their hands on to make the best sounds possibe. They may claim to have a "face only a mother could love" but they're making music we all can.


The show will be taking place on our home turf at The Lexington, would be lovely to see y'all there. We'll get our krunk on.

Tickets are available at wegottickets and ticketweb


27 Jul 2010


The Lexington

96-98 Pentonville Road
N1 9JB

7:30 p.m.


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