London's Three Trapped Tigers are a highly original act who stand-out within a burgeoningUKexperimental scene.  Three hugely talented musicians from widely ranging backgrounds, as TTT they come together as one futuristic explosion of sound, pushing the boundaries of new music.  Named after a book by Cuban writer Cabrera Infante, Matt Calvert, Tom Rogerson and Adam Betts create music with influences ranging from Squarepusher to Aphex Twins to Battles.  Combining intricate glitched-up live electronica with intense math-rock, plus Mogwai-esque penchants for textual soundscape build-ups strangely packed with hypnotizing melodies.


Nedry are a trio by way of London, Osaka and Bristol whose distillation of advanced rhythmic structures, low frequencies and raw human tones stand uniquely at a fascinating sonic crux of leftfield, club and indie juncture.

Nedry are dictating a path that recognizes no genre, no structures, no rules. Ripping progressive dance culture out of the bedroom producers’ smoke stained confines and planting it resolutely on the live stage, Matt and Chris utilize MPC, laptops, guitars and synths to create a deep, thoughtful musical space.  Nedry are a trio who are dissolving the distance between this cutting edge and hungry audience. Splicing a band aesthetic with the ‘heads down and thumbs up’ bass craft of theUK, they gift the faceless revolution of dark music an inviting visage within which we can all dwell.


Touring with Gold Panda and Dam Mantle whilst selling out a run of ‘Nightcycles’ pressed by Tough Love set Seams off to a very strong start.  Having already released a free album and attracted hundreds of followers this represented the next step.  Always a musician, James Welch went through school playing guitar in bands, often taking the role of producer.  Starting out on four track tape he moved onto Logic then Ableton Live and most recently stepped back to tape incorporating a cassette Dictaphone into his production set up.  Most electronic music fans will recognise in Seams’ organic sound a reference to traditional songwriting and structure.

Tickets are priced at £10 and go on sale on Thursday 30th June at 10 AM through the following links: WeGotTicketsTicketWeb / SeeTickets

Three Trapped Tigers

26 Oct 2011


The Garage

20-22 Highbury Corner
N5 1RD



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