Three Trapped Tigers are a band for which genres and labels struggle to keep up; they move ­ often at breakneck speed ­ from screeching, effect­laden guitars, an arsenal of glistening sci­fi synths, pummelling sub­bass, colossal riffs and audacious drum patterns that both underpin and define their unique sound. As anyone who has seen their incendiary live shows will know, trying to pinpoint what makes the group such a force is a difficult thing to do. On stage they are something of a vortex, creating a swirling mass of layered sounds that sucks one in, possessing that rare ability of managing to sound complex and fluid whilst eschewing any feelings of pomposity or sterility  in full force Three Trapped Tigers feel both gracefully intelligent and wildly primal, gargantuan yet melodic.


"Like punk never happened, this youthful Brighton trio’s debut offers ugly-beautiful instrumental progressive rock that aging King Crimson fans think no-one can play anymore." - Stewart Lee

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Three Trapped Tigers / The Physics House Band

11 Nov 2016


11, The Arches, Villiers Street



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