On Neon Brown (out summer 2019 on 4AD), Velvet Negroni is a griot relaying the life and times of his own island—it’s a singular place, with the squeak and thrum of guitar strings looped over drum machine beats accented by steely marimbas, all creating a pocket for one of the most authentic and original artistic voices ever committed to tape.

You follow his voice as it rhymes in double time, or hiccups and la-las through a break, or croons from a room down the hall, as it unfolds into another story of lost love, or another joke about lost drugs, as he tries to make sense of a life spent in the (sometimes harrowing) pursuit of communion.

Turns out what sounds like a lonely island is in fact the city of Minneapolis. Velvet Negroni grew up in an outer suburb of the Twin Cities as Jeremy Nutzman, a black kid adopted into a white evangelical Christian family. His fundamentalist missionary of a mother drove him to virtuosity, both as a classically trained concert pianist and a competitive figure skater, but he had to climb out his bedroom window to play guitar in his first band.


Tony Njoku is a British-Nigerian electronic music producer and songwriter from London. His self-penned and produced songs have been described as ‘strikingly evocative soundscapes, managing to make even the shortest pop songs sound like epic adventures.’


Hailing from South London, Nigerian-born singer-songwriter and producer,
Tracy Sada is making waves of her own, having performed at the likes of Jazz Cafe, O2 Academy Islington and Bush Theatre. Her sound is distinct for her soulful voice with an interplay between electronic nuances and live jazz instrumentation. After four years of working as a fashion stylist, she chose to pursue her real dream of making music. She is heavily influenced by various genres and artists including Erykah Badu (who she penned an ode to on her bandcamp), Radiohead and afro-fusion/jazz legend, Lagbaja. Her latest single, Shake It Up, is a soul infused electronic track, co produced by Junior XL that will have you giggling on the dance floor. She is currently working on her debut EP, writing songs about love, childhood and growing up as an immigrant in her now gentrified city.

Velvet Negroni / Tony Njoku / Tracy Sada

06 Nov 2019

Corsica Studios

4/5 Elephant Rd
SE17 1LB



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