After the wistful ambience of his Call And Response EP, a record steeped in leftfield antecedents like Nick Drake, David Byrne and Arthur Russell, Westerman’s latest single ‘Confirmation’ emerges after a momentary spell of deliberation for the West London artist.

As Westerman says: “‘Confirmation’ is about the difficulties of infinite choice - and the allure of impulsiveness.” Ostensibly a message that applies to his own creative process, Westerman observes its omnipresence in all of our lives. The feeling of “trying too hard when actually the best ideas come when you’re just going with it. It's a self critique as well as an exploration of a wider point regarding the debilitating risks of having too many things going on internally and externally.” 

As a result it marks a sharp progression in Westerman’s sound. From the striking early work which revealed a respectfully awed reverence for his influences, ‘Confirmation’ sees Westerman channelling the spirit of origination in those influences rather than directly referencing them sonically. It continues a string of collaborations with electronic producer Bullion which have sculpted Westerman’s sound from the beatific minimalism of before, into a more ambient and textured project, unafraid to take risks.


Grace Lightman started out fronting London psychedelic band The Hypnotic Eye before embarking on her solo career in 2015 following a chance meeting with producer and collaborator Patrick James Pearson. The pair bonded over a mutual admiration for ‘60s sci-fi, Twin Peaks and sad songs, with Grace shaping her sensual and timeless vocal around honest, unflinching melodies, hypnotic synth swells and sparing beats recalling Nico and Francois Hardy. BBC 6 Music tastemaker Lauren Laverne moved quickly to declare her debut outing ‘Vapour Trails’ both a Headphones Moment and an MPFree on her show, with mainstream and blog media support flooding in soon after.

Set in a world where she questions what it means to be human - through the use of her otherworldly alias, the Silver Eater - Lightman explores the bittersweet powerlessness felt by all people, essentially, laying what it means to be in an adult human relationship bare for all.

Westerman / Grace Lightman

11 Apr 2018

Shacklewell Arms

71 Shacklewell Ln
E8 2EB



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