Willis Earl Beal has yet to be born. Critics and publicists defined him before he’d had a chance to define himself. Their expectations were inextricably linked with race and gender, two concepts Beal thoroughly rejects. Now, two extremely productive years removed from the spotlight, Beal doesn’t feel pressure to define himself against anything. His new music is shockingly original, utterly confident, and as ephemeral as Beal himself. He levitates above definition, concerned only with self-discovery and truth-seeking. “I know it sounds falsely altruistic,” he says. “But I think a simple voice like mine can serve as an example of some kind of freedom.”

Willis Earl Beal - N​octunes out August 28th, 2015 - Worldwide on Tender Loving Empire.



Myles Manley is a popstar from Sligo, Ireland, who writes all sorts of songs, to furnish an imaginatively peculiar romantic vision.

Greatest Hits 2012-2013 is a made-up album of his. It collects the best of initial DIY releases, with elements of folk, mainstream pop and post-punk, and drew equal parts confusion and critical acclaim in Ireland.

It was followed up this year, 2015, with a 6 song mini-album More Songs, released by Dublin-based indie label Trout Records on 12" vinyl. This album consisted mainly of epic melancholic ballads, offset by opening track 'Pay Me What I'm Worth' a two-minute banger that got played on BBC Radio 1, for god's sake, yes. 2015 also included an extensive tour of Ireland, and dates in the UK, France and Russia (where Myles and his band were guests of honour at the Moscow St. Patrick's Day parade).

Manley performs live solo, or with a four piece band. His current set is centred on a raft of new pop songs arranged for acoustic guitar, voice and drum machine.


Tickets for this show are priced at £10 and are available from the following link:


Willis Earl Beal

03 Dec 2015

plus Myles Manley

Bethnal Green Working Men's Club

42 Pollard Row
E2 6NB



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