“So here we are: a broken home. Proud of what we have crafted together and accepting of our past. Tomorrow is another day. Ephyra is our eulogy.”  WH

Woman’s Hour are releasing their first new music in almost 5 years and the Kendal band have announced their sophomore record ‘Ephyra’, the follow-up to 2014s ‘Conversations’. It will be released digitally and as a limited 500 copy run on vinyl. Due to deteriorating mental health, Woman’s Hour decided to break-up shortly before the completion of ‘Ephyra’. The break-up represented so many different things: relief, sadness, grief. But ultimately, a year after separating they felt a collective drive and desire to finish the album and draw a line in the sand. Fiona describes it as “a kind of rebirthing. An opportunity to reflect on what happened and embrace what we achieved.”

During the process of writing the album, communication between the band members became increasingly fraught and tense. The songs themselves became a way to explore these feelings and express their effect. Loud, aggressive crescendos are followed by isolated vocal harmonies or haunting foley which combines to create an intimate-yet-dynamic pallette and a bold, frank medium for the messages that are contained within. Emotions that felt too ugly or too painful to talk about were delivered as lyrics.


A female songster.

"Her vocals are smart, layered and self-conscious, a spiky missive on all the mansplainers out there, and it’s been on repeat here all week." M Magazine


"Like fireflies shining in the forest dark, the track has dark undertones which will never overpower and finding itself somewhere between Burial and Julianna Barwick in the metropolitan city streets, ‘Things To Say’ comes as a highly recommend sample of this fine developing artist." Stamp the Wax

Woman’s Hour / Tallsaint / Elsa Hewitt

22 Mar 2019

Doors: 7.30pm
Elsa Hewitt: 7.50pm
Tallsaint: 8.40pm
Woman's Hour: 9.40pm

The Dome

2A Dartmouth Park Hill, Tufnell Park



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