yeule is the manifested reflection of Singaporean artist Nat Ćmiel. Their music is angelic, but pierced by shattered distortion and sharp interference.

Their first full length release, Serotonin IISerotonin X a collection of remixes.

Though Ćmiel grew up and attended school in Singapore for most of their life, their family travelled often, developing emotional connections with places far from home that left them unmoored. As such their creation is in constant metamorphosis.

Obsessed with tinkering and discovery, Ćmiel began building their own synths. With a launchpad, keyboard and microphone they morph their original cinematic classical compositions into electronica.

As a practicing visual artist, their paintings also translate a deep connection to the process of mark-making, both visually and sonically.

yeule’s name was initially inspired by Final Fantasy XIII-2, where a character dies in a thousand timelines because of a break in the fabric of time itself.

She is born again eternally, and always meets the same fate. yeule relates as they destroy the older parts of themself, reinvent, and are born again from memories both real and fabricated.

yeule is forever trying to chip away at their own identity so that they might absorb something different.

The (n)secure show is also accompanied by an AI-integrated installation which runs during the day.


05 Mar 2022

+ special guests

Purcell Room

Belvedere Road



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