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The policy:

This privacy policy notice is for this website; [] and served by Transgressive Events Ltd trading as Rockfeedback, company number 07594528 and governs the privacy of those who use it. The purpose of this policy is to explain to you how we control, process, handle and protect your personal information while browsing or using this website, including your rights under current laws and regulations. If you do not agree to the following policy you may wish to cease viewing / using this website.

Policy key definitions:
• "I", "our", "us", or "we" refer to the business, Transgressive Events Ltd trading as Rockfeedback
• "you", "the user" refer to the person(s) using this website.
• GDPR means General Data Protection Act.
• PECR means Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulation.
• ICO means Information Commissioner's Office.
• Cookies mean small files stored on a users computer or device.

Processing of your personal data

Under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) we control and / or process any personal information about you electronically using the following lawful bases.

• Lawful basis: Consent

The reason we use this basis: When purchasing a ticket to one of our events, you are able to give consent to receiving marketing emails from us

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Data retention period: We will continue to process your information under this basis until you withdraw consent or it is determined your consent no longer exists.

Sharing your information: We do not share your information with third parties.

• Lawful basis: Legitimate interests

The reason we use this basis: We use a small amount of data from 2012 – 2015 which we received from a specific ticket agent. These email addresses addresses are from customers who were signed up to our mailing list due to the terms and conditions they agreed to when purchasing tickets to our events.

We process your information in the following ways: We upload your email address into our chosen mailing list provider, Mail Chimp, and will then send you a weekly mailer featuring RFB events. We do not keep any other personal data from our customer. 

Data retention period: We will continue to process your information under this basis until you withdraw consent or it is determined your consent no longer exists.

Sharing your information: We do not share your information with third parties.

If, as determined by us, the lawful basis upon which we process your personal information changes, we will notify you about the change and any new lawful basis to be used if required. We shall stop processing your personal information if the lawful basis used is no longer relevant.

Your individual rights

Under the GDPR your rights are as follows. You can read more about your rights in details here;
• the right to be informed;
• the right of access;
• the right to rectification;
• the right to erasure;
• the right to restrict processing;
• the right to data portability;
• the right to object; and
• the right not to be subject to automated decision-making including profiling.

You also have the right to complain to the ICO [] if you feel there is a problem with the way we are handling your data.

We handle subject access requests in accordance with the GDPR.

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Cookies that we use are;
• Google Analytics – this tells us which pages on the website have been looked at and for how long which allows us to keep producing content which people want to read
• Google Remarketing – this cookie allows us to create adverts using Google adwords which target people who have visited our site. We use these adverts to show you other events which we think will be relevant to you.

Data security and protection

We ensure the security of any personal information we hold by using secure data storage technologies and precise procedures in how we store, access and manage that information. Our methods meet the GDPR compliance requirement.

Transparent Privacy Explanations

We have provided some further explanations about user privacy and the way we use this website to help promote a transparent and honest user privacy methodology.

Email marketing messages & subscription

Under the GDPR we use the consent lawful basis for anyone subscribing to our newsletter or marketing mailing list. We only collect certain data about you, as detailed in the "Processing of your personal date" above. Any email marketing messages we send are done so through an EMS, email marketing service provider. An EMS is a third party service provider of software / applications that allows marketers to send out email marketing campaigns to a list of users.

Email marketing messages that we send may contain tracking beacons / tracked clickable links or similar server technologies in order to track subscriber activity within email marketing messages. Where used, such marketing messages may record a range of data such as; times, dates, I.P addresses, opens, clicks, forwards, geographic and demographic data. Such data, within its limitations will show the activity each subscriber made for that email campaign.

Any email marketing messages we send are in accordance with the GDPR and the PECR. We provide you with an easy method to withdraw your consent (unsubscribe) or manage your preferences / the information we hold about you at any time. See any marketing messages for instructions on how to unsubscribe or manage your preferences, you can also unsubscribe from all MailChimp lists, by following this link, otherwise contact the EMS provider.

Our EMS provider is; Mail Chimp. We hold the following information about you within our EMS system;

• Email address
• I.P address
• Subscription time & date

Resources & further information
• Overview of the GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation
• Data Protection Act 1998
• Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003
• The Guide to the PECR 2003
• Twitter Privacy Policy
• Facebook Privacy Policy
• Google Privacy Policy
• Mailchimp Privacy Policy
• Small business GDPR policy template

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The saga of began, aptly, on a Friday night - specifically the Friday belonging to the date of September 15th, 2000, when the website was first uploaded to the public's (un)consciousness. Launched by the overly enthusiastic, then 15-year-old Toby L, somehow became one of the first, independent, online music-magazines in the UK. Now one of the longest-standing originals, the admittedly cheesy strap-line employed then - and still to this day - is the idealistic "a new view on music", to showcase distaste at how the British music-media had become narrow-minded, scene-dominated and cynical; Toby and a growing team of writers (which formed around an intial core of Toby himself, Tom Hannan and Matt Tomiak) wanted to form a more open-minded, constructive and above all enthusiastic critique of music-writing.

The site went on to host early interviews with The Strokes, The Libertines, Gorillaz, Bloc Party - often first online exclusives - and had guest columns written for it from the likes of Santogold, Simian Mobile Disco and Be Your Own Pet. In the near-decade since it launched, Rockfeedback has also caught up with everyone from Nick Cave and Patti Smith to the Beastie Boys.

Around its second anniversary in 2002, Rockfeedback launched The Basement Club, a club night ran in association with Strokes producer, site contributor and friend Gordon Raphael. Over its six year lifespan, it became something of a rite of passage for bands who'd later go on to huge things, featuring shows from the likes of Bloc Party, Regina Spektor, The Libertines, Graham Coxon's first 'post-Blur' gig, The Noisettes, The Magic Numbers, The Futureheads, Young Knives and The Subways amongst hundreds of others, to tiny crowds in the intimate North London venue of Islington's Buffalo Bar. The night was highly acclaimed by everyone from Radio One and Xfm to Time Out and the NME for its back to basics approach and phenomenal foresight in booking acts.

2004 saw Rockfeedback's first foray in to the world of music television, producing a show for Channel 4 and MTV across Europe that started with documenting the All Tomorrow's Parties festival and has since taken Rockfeedback TV all over the world, including festivals as far flung as Sao Paulo, Japan, Iceland, Croatia, Las Vegas, Norway, Barcelona and Berlin. Some of the artists to have appeared on Rockfeedback TV include: Bat For Lashes, Dizzee Rascal, Dave Grohl, Gnarls Barkley, Iggy Pop, The Kaiser Chiefs, Klaxons, Laura Marling, M.I.A., Mystery Jets, The Shins, Steve Albini, Vampire Weekend and Sonic Youth. As well as filming festivals and mini artist documentaries, Rockfeedback cameras have also filmed exclusive acoustic footage with the likes of Daniel Johnston, Johnny Flynn, A Hawk and a Hacksaw, Peggy Sue, Andrew Bird, Wild Beasts, Jeffrey Lewis, Fionn Regan, Jens Lekman and many more. As well as continuing to make shows for television broadcast, Rockfeedback streams much of its material on its own website and across various other online platforms, and has added to its repertoire by branching out in to not just half hour shows for TV but also exclusive sessions, and special feature length material.

2004 was a big year for the aforementioned Toby L as it also saw the start of another new venture, Transgressive Records, with partner Tim Dellow (now also an integral part of the Rockfeedback team). Rockfeedback's dear sister company Transgressive are the label, management company, producer management team and publishers responsible for bringing you the likes of Foals, The Young Knives, The Shins, Regina Spektor, Iron and Wine, Liam Finn, Johnny Flynn, Esser and The Noisettes.

With the ascendance of both Rockfeedback TV and Transgressive progressing skyward, control of the Rockfeedback website was handed to long time contributor Tom Hannan in the Summer of 2006. Further expansion across all online, live and televisual aspects of this frankly downright restless company saw Kevin Molloy arrive as head of TV in January of 2009, alongside director Nicholas Abbott. Dan Monsell took over responsibility for live activity from Tom Hannan in 2008. Rockfeedback's live nights have now expanded to other (importantly, equally special) London venues and hosted the likes of Four Tet, Foals, Black Kids, Metronomy, Wild Beasts, These New Puritans, Pete and the Pirates, Clinic, The Rakes and Acoustic Ladyland playing to crowds much smaller than they're used to. Rockfeedback currently runs a few nights a month at The Lexington in Angel, and have hosted stages at festivals the nation over, at Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds, Camden Crawl, Hinterland and The Great Escape to name but a few.

Rockfeedback prides itself, and always has done, on the intelligence and enthusiasm that informs its work. What you get from Rockfeedback is the feeling that whoever's behind whatever aspect you might be gazing upon - a show, a review, a gig - they genuinely want the audience to be as much of a fan of the music as they are. We stand against a 'build 'em up, knock 'em down' style of documenting and promoting music, and favour constructive criticism and the sharing of a genuine love of sound above all else.

Please allow cookies: cookies are small text files that are safely stored on your computer. We use cookies to find out how people use this website so that we can make it even better in future. These cookies don’t contain any personal or sensitive information and are only used by Rock Feedback and our trusted partners.