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When you register your details to us for competitions, access to the community, work-submission or when you get in contact with, the following information is collected: your name, age, email-address, and occasionally your postal-address or phone-number (so we can send you competition-prizes, or phone you in order to arrange ticket-giveaways). This information is essential for us to collect in order for your usage of to be maximised for your personal enjoyment, and so we can learn about our users, in order to improve facilities and content on the website.

Your personal details will not be passed on to any third party outside unless this was agreed to during any registration process. If there are any issues of concern you wish to raise regarding such management of, please get in contact with us.

when details will be passed on: If it is the case where rockfeedback is sold or integrated with another company, your details could be disclosed to relevant involved parties, though you can be assured outside companies will still not gain access to your details.

protection: All access to our shared-server is logged, with any failed attempts to access the site recognised and noted. We apologise for any inconvenience in this respect - sometimes the Internet is impossible to control. In regards to your personal details, these shall only be viewed by authorised personnel, and stored in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
community / mailing-list: All information collected from those joining the mailing-list is kept confidential, and members can unsubscribe whenever they choose. reserves the right to moderate the messages posted in forums, and does so to prevent offending matter being read. rarely makes records of conversations held in chat rooms, although we do reserve the right to record and archive transcripts of conversations. Records are only kept in the event of any possible offence or liabel issue arising due to inflammatory material being produced within the community.

cookies: Cookies are stored by your Internet browser on your computer's hard drive. uses cookies to recognise when you return to the site, as well as to enable us to gain information about the site's usage. Thus, these are recommended to improve the site, according to the pages most viewed. However, if you prefer not to receive cookies, adjust settings accordingly via your web-browser.

international laws: All your stored information and its association to us is done so to comply with European regulations for acceptable Internet privacy possession, yet outside of this territory different rules may apply. For this reason, if there are any issues you wish to raise with us of legal concern, we must hear about these in writing and - in the unlikely event of any potential liabel dispute - will resolve all cases in UK courts.

summary of terms of usage: Your personal details submitted to us must be true and accurate; if we find out about any misuse or unacceptable behaviour of our services, reserves the right to terminate any registered accounts; registered users may unsubscribe from the community/mailing-list when they wish to do so at any time. Also, is allowed to provide cookies to viewers of the site; when registration occurs for any services offered on, you have a guaranteed assurance that details shan't be passed on to other companies, unless stated in the above conditions.

disclaimer: cannot guarantee being free of faults, and thus the user recognises any problems arising from viewing the site cannot be blamed on rockfeedback; faults could occur that lead to being unavailable from the Internet for varying periods of time - please note that when this occurs, this occurrence is out of our hands, and we take all efforts to ensure maximum online availability-time; some information is supplied to from outside sources - we cannot guarantee its full authenticity or accuracy.
permission: By viewing, you give your consent to all of the provided terms and conditions within the 'privacy policy' and 'legal info' pages. In addition, you shall still agree with any amendments made to the relevant pages, details of which shall be posted.

We thank you for your adherence to the above, and hope you enjoy using

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