2018: Buke & Gase inspirations

10 Dec 2018

Buke & Gase look back at the past year and their inspirations over the last 12 months

This December we're looking back at the last 12 months and looking ahead to what 2019 has in store. Buke & Gas have kindly agreed to kick us off with a look back at the 'thingplacepeoplitemstuffs that have inspired me the most throughout this past year.'

Here's their full list:

The Power, by Naomi Alderman, left me feeling invincible for no less than 2 weeks after having relentlessly shoved it into my brain over the course of 4 tight days when I stayed at a friend's house in Brooklyn who had a preview copy. Aside from writing a few of the main characters into versions of patriarchal stereotype towards the end - it made tangible a feeling of pure control that I can only imagine is what those in power generally feel, perhaps without realizing or acknowledging it to themselves. Buy this book.

Tschabalala Self uses fabric, oil paint and canvas to create friction and space concerning the iconization of the Black female body's shades, shapes, sizes, and dreams as they ripple and sizzle off a two-dimensional canvas. Her work is proudly displayed around the world and you'd be remiss to miss a show near you.

Holly Blakey & Company's dancers who bring the knife to life as it twists in my gut. Watching the human body shape and reshape itself to compliment sound is invigorating, but this particular group of dancers brings the process beyond enchantment. Find a way to see them perform live.

I want to thank Enkyu, Reggie Madison and Laleh Khorramian for creating my absolute favorite pieces of clothing in 2018 as well as Fahari Wambura who sources her pieces from skilled tailors Tanzania, creating high paying work for women. These artists live and work around the area that I live, in Hudson, NY and I have the pleasure of being friendly with and running into them often. I consider each of them to be loving, open, responsive to their surroundings, and brilliant in their individual interpretations of fashion. Buy a piece of their wearable artwork.

Hiatus Kaiyote, Choose Your Weapon. This album slays. It rips, shreds, masticates, pulverizes, juices. It soothes, lifts, gives weight to, intellectualizes and hypothesizes imagery. Buy it. Sing with it.

Thundercat, Drunk. This album tickles the crystals in my cochlea and makes my brain mishmash smashed. Buy it. Listen to it on repeat.

Quadrivium, The Four Classical Liberal Arts of Number, Geometry, Music, & Cosmology. Read a page before you go to sleep and have sweet dreams.

Buke & Gase play The Lexington in early 2019 and tickets are almost all gone. Find out more here.

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