Beck - Chemtrails (XL)

01 Jul 2008

"beck's 'child in a sweetshop' approach is commonplace now, and unfortunately this thickly produced, decidedly skeletal tune does little to reclaim his position as earth's leading musical maverick" ; release - '08

Beck - Chemtrails



The expertly titled 'Chemtrials' sees the return of a trailblazer. Beck's blending, often with the help of the Dust Brothers (Beastie Boys), of electronics and alt-rock were truly revolutionary at the time of Odelay!, something of an epoch album in some circles. His momentum was secured through working with Nigel Godrich, alongside continually mixing his palette, from hip-hop to folk via everything in between.

This 'child in a sweetshop' approach is commonplace now, and unfortunately this Pink Floyd influenced ode, complete with sub Beatles/Oasis (depending upon your age) drumming, does nothing to reclaim his position as Earth's leading musical maverick. Its pleading melody may please some, but it's hard to immerse yourself in such a thickly produced, decidedly skeletal tune.

iTunes may have resulted in album tracks charting, but that is no excuse for releasing something like this (which make no mistake is definitely an album track) as singles. In keeping with his creative choice of producers, Danger Mouse (who else?) is at the helm of this and the entirety of his forthcoming album (surprisingly excellent - Ed.) Modern Guilt, but in this instance it's more 'Crumbs Chief' than 'Boom'.

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