Cass McCombs - ‘Sacred Heart’ (4AD)

17 Dec 2004

two-song return from the rather young, 4ad songwriting protege; release - '04.

Cass McCombs - 'Sacred Heart'After dampening horizons (in the most pure, wondrous sense possible) with overlooked debut 'A', Cass McCombs returns with some brand-new material - a double A-side, no less. You should buy it. At the very least hear it.

Opening with a muffled, Waits-worthy music-box cacophony, McCombs soon goes Cure on us with 'Sacred Heart', and it's chillingly beautiful; more innocent, understated and twee-ly feeble than a young boy should be. Give him a hug someone. The gospel reverence of 'Twins' continues the depressive tones, signifying a performer that seems consistently on the brink of either collapsing, or breaking, moping along as he does in a refrain that chills; 'You lied to me...' Cass weeps, seeming a man that had never thought possible such cruel deception.

Honest rawness of the human spirit is seldom captured. Please. Give him a hug someone. Before it's too late.

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