Dananananaykroyd - Interview - March 2009

05 Mar 2009

"the more bored we get, which is happening quickly, the more stuff we're gonna have to think up things to keep ourselves amused and therefore probably accidentally keep other people amused as well..."

Hotly tipped, oddly named, plainly bonkers rocksters Dananananaykroyd came in to The Lexington, the superb venue below the Rockfeedback offices, for a chat with the great and the good of the UK press last week. We thought we'd get in there early in the day, just so we could be the first that afternoon in what we're sure was a long line of people wanting to ask this intial, inevitable question...


Rockfeedback: To start with, something which I'm sure you've been asked about a million times, what's the deal with the band name?

David: The band name is a funny play on the famous Canadian actor's name Dan Aykroyd and we came up with it because... we're drunk idiots.

John: We were drunk idiots, at one point, when deciding a band name.

David: We thought it was funny and a couple of gigs later it wasn't quite so funny really... and now it's pretty morbid actually (laughs).

Paul: I really don't regret the name.

Laura: It gets people talking.

RFB: You've played a lot of UK venues now, so what's been your favourite so far?

David: The Deaf Institute in Manchester is amazing; it's a beautiful room, a really high stage with a wall behind the bar that's covered in speakers.

Paul: We've played the Barrow Lands in Glasgow, that's probably the best local venue.

David: It's like a dream come true to play it.

RFB: So what's life like on tour?

John: It's very up and very down

Calum: Sometimes at the same time.

John: It's like everything's funny but nothing's fun.

RFB: Who's got the worst habits in the band?

Duncan: We refused to answer this question once, because we'll just fight.

David: Coz I'll say it's Paul and then he'll just batter me later (laughs)

David: It's my turn to have Duncan on my side this week.

John: Duncan's like, you know in the Royal Rumble in the olden days when Andre the Giant came in? All the wrestlers would be like 'right guys I know we were scrapping, we should get this big d*ck out first', that's pretty much the way it would work in a fight. He's our Andre the Giant, we'd have to gang up on him until he was down and then we'd fight amongst ourselves.

David: If I wanted to fight Paul, I'd get rid of him first... so that's why we don't talk about our habits (laughs)

RFB: When you get a day off on tour what do you normally do?

David: We either sleep or go and visit where we are.

Paul: For that European tour we just did, we got to visit some really nice places.

RFB: Do you get to see much of the places you go to?

Laura: The best day off on the Kaiser Chiefs tour was when we were in Copenhagen and all of us went ice skating.

John: We don't like days off that much, there were too many on the Kaiser Chiefs tour, we get really bored - if you're on tour, you're playing gigs.

David: It breaks it up, you get into the role of playing shows and you have a day off and you spend it in your bunk watching True Blood on your laptop, it gets a bit boring.

RFB: You've played with quite a few different bands now... who are the best band that you've played on the same stage as?

John: Foals.

David: Foals and the Blood Brothers.

RFB: Who was the most friendly?

David: Foals, Foals are truly some of the loveliest people you'll ever meet, even if you don't like their music, they're lovely guys.

RFB: Are there going to be many festival appearances over the summer?

John: There's going to be a few, we're not booked for any of the big ones yet but I'm pretty sure we will be; we'll do anything we get offered.

Paul: There are a bunch that are confirmed, mostly European.

David: We're doing one in Slovakia, it's like us and Klaxons and that's it (laughs)

Laura: Aren't Groove Armada playing?

Calum: I'm sure Groove Armada isn't even just like a tight unit anymore; I think it's like a franchise, they just ship it out to the festivals.

Paul: We're playing with the Slovakian Groove Armada.

RFB: You're going to SXSW at the end of next month, it's you first time in Texas, are you looking forward to that?

David: Absolutely, we're going to tear that mother down.

Paul: We're playing with the Proclaimers and then Gallows.

David: If we don't frighten at least one of those bands then it'll be a failure.

RFB: You did some recording for the album in New York at the end of last year, what was that like?

Duncan: New York was like an amazing holiday where you had to work all the time, but we still had time to rock out.

John: We did 12 to 13 hour days in the studio and then we got like 3 days off.

David: 12 to 13 hour days are quite epic but the in between time, hanging about eating bagels, and just being in New York.

Duncan: New York is my favourite place in the world; it's just amazing to be there.

RFB: How do you find the studio compared to touring?

John: I hate it, touring's better, recording's stressful.

Calum: We're predominantly a live band and we always have been, so whenever we recording something we just try and do it to the best that we can and get it done.

David: I think the album's the closest we've got to sounding and feeling like we're playing live.

Paul: It can be really frustrating when it doesn't sound like we're playing live, so it's 50/50 whether we're going to enjoy it or not. We generally stick to playing live, that's our thing.

RFB: You're quite active online, you do a lot of blogging; do you think that's important in terms of the relationship between bands and fans?

John: I think we just do it because we think it's funny.

David: Basically, we'd do it anyway, the fact that we're in a band and people are into us means that we know people are going to watch it.

Calum: It's good to have a personality that comes across instead of other bands that have their management update their MySpace.

David: We don't want to elevate ourselves above any potential fanbase, we just want to stay on people's levels and show them that we're ordinary dudes.

RFB: What's next for Dananananaykroyd this year?

David: There's not much to look out for that you're not already familiar with.

Duncan: More of the same but more fun.

John: The more bored we get, which is happening quickly, the more stuff we're gonna have to think up things to keep ourselves amused and therefore probably accidentally keep other people amused as well.

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