Death From Above 1979 - ‘Remix EP’ (679)

23 Nov 2005

taster from upcoming, full-length remix lp via the canadian noise-punk duo; release - '05.

DFA1979 - 'Black...'One of the perks of being a 'journo' is that you get a load of records that you'd quite like to hear, but never want to buy.

And, sadly, this ain't worth your hard-earned cash. Remix EP's, for general consumption, rarely are. But that doesn't mean you don't want to hear it. Erol Alkan's remix of 'Romantic Rights' transmogrifies the angry beast into a Love Buzz, Nirvana style, guaranteed to set the club off. Hop on the Megabus to London, turn up at Trash and join in as he uses it to set the club off.

Josh Homme does just what you'd expect with 'Black History Month', creating desert stoner film music that reminds me of a flashback from an episode of 'Lost'... He does however highlight how emo the singer can sound in different contexts, or maybe he just asked the singer from [insert shitty emo band here] to guest before scaring the shit out of him, Leatherface style, by shredding things up into a Kyuss chainsaw massacre.

You kids got limewire, right? You know what to do.

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