Death From Above - ‘Blood On Our Hands’ (679)

15 Jul 2004

debut two-track effort from canadian powerhouse duo; release - '04.

Death From AboveAnother one. Following the Whites. Post VV and Hotel. And arriving after Lightning Bolt. We have another sonically awesome, ridiculously capable two-piece. Death From Above, also, are from Canada. Madness.

As if that all wasn't enough, Jesse F Keeler and Sebastien Grainger are very loud indeed. And quite heavy with it, too. Their debut, ultra limited 7" - released on the ever-prolific 679 - is a demonic, deeply ensconcing work, comprising two tracks of funk freak-outs, balls-sagging metal-throttle, gnarly vocals and bizarre cut 'n' paste edits in between. It's homely, ravaging, and extremely exciting. Soiling yourself has never existed to a cooler soundtrack.

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