Dirty Beaches - Displaced (Listen)

19 Aug 2014

Listen to a new cut from Dirty Beaches' instrumental EP.


Visions festival swelled through the streets of London Fields at the beginning of this month and showcased a slew of fresh, diverse artists and Andrew WK. The people giving their ears to Eleanor Friedberger may not have taken the time to check out Sophie. Visions mixed its attentions and in doing so was a delightful sundry serenade. Amongst those sounds was Dirty Beaches, a live duo-come-solo-project of the most intriguing disposition. Blowing up in 2011, with the Polaris Prize nominated 'Badlands', anyone that has followed Dirty Beaches, or caught their set in August, will already be mesmerised. Alex Zhang Hungtai appears out of the shadows like the ghost of James Dean that's woken up in 'Bladerunner'. He compels and asserts your senses by playing what Nick Cave might be playing in 2042. This is futuristic sound-scape no-wave, spliced with rockabilly at times, its scope so firmly zoned in on presence and performance that it is impossible to look away. Elvis be warned, Dirty Beaches enthrals.

The Montreal outfit return with a new instrumental EP called 'Stateless'. Further experiments taking place as he teams up with composer and viola maestro Vittorio Demarin. Debut track 'Displaced' does exactly what it sets out to do, I suppose. Draws you in, unsettles you and leaves you shifted. I implore you to check out this thought provoking cinematic saxophone lodged anti-symphony. I wish I could dream in neon, but I'll leave that to Dirty Beaches.

Check out 'Displaced' below, the EP 'STATELESS' is released on November 4th:



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