Disclosure - Plan B, London

12 Dec 2012

Closing your eyes immediately transports you to the first time all this happened - back at the beginning of UK garage - and to open them wouldn't remove that feeling at all...


Garage found its roots within our popular culture in the mid-late 90's, expanding on the bulging Chicago-born house scene and swiftly becoming a staple in underground British music before further developing into grime and dubstep – two of the most exciting genres of music in recent memory. The sound, in its true form, slipped away from our radios and record shops during the mid-latter part of the 00's, allowing its aforementioned little brother dubstep a chance to thrive, but now we’re experiencing something of a change in the tide. Essentially, two-step or garage or whatever you call it, is back and it’s taking over your radio stations, shopping centre CD players, pop charts and most importantly, your clubs. Who’s leading this resurge you ask? Well…

Exciting new tracks, amazing live PA's, outstanding remixes and a 'I Feel Good Good Good' T-shirt separates this Surrey born duo from the rest all whilst producing a sound that has given UKG the kiss of life and brought it rightly back into the charts and to its spiritual home of Brixton, for the start of their UK headline tour. We’re of course talking about Disclosure, one of the finest live acts of the moment and the key that’s re-opening the door to garage, and even a little bit of house, all over. The two brothers (Guy and Howard Lawrence) seem to have got it all right; with tickets selling out for their show in a matter of days and a Top 20 hit already under their belt they’re clearly more than one to watch.

Anyone who enjoyed garage the first time round is going to be ecstatic for its revival and influence on the scene today, and people who didn't or were too young to remember, are enjoying the new approach. Disclosure's contemporary pop style is one that pays homage to classic garage, with a bit of house and 80’s pop chucked in and is sonically welcoming all walks of life into their world. As they walk onstage into the ominous blue glow that shimmered off the disco balls which make up the interior of Plan B, also helping to encourage thoughts of time past - nothing screams old skool like a disco ball.

With the incredible AlunaGeorge supporting, and Jessie Ware, Sinead Hartnett and Sam Smith all accompanying Disclosure on stage to sing their respective songs, the show further served as an impressive highlight of the year that has passed and exciting look at one ahead. As soon as the first beat kicks in, people are dancing and a near overwhelming feeling of euphoria fills the room; to close your eyes would allow to be easily transported to the first time all this happened – back at the beginning of garage – and to open them wouldn’t take that feeling away at all. It’s and incredible think, not only in the context of Disclosure, but of what’s happening in London and all of the UK right now, this is no throw back or retrospective view at music, this is real, its happening, the music’s great and in its own right as vital as ever.

It’s worth mentioning, in between these big ideas regarding the state of music and history of garage, that we really couldn’t stop dancing, we cheered with every drop, sang along to songs we didn’t know the words to and may or may not have attempted to roll a cigarette with a bottle of beer in each hand – but back to Disclosure…

The duo offered a constant flow of their hits, remixes and a couple of new tracks – as well as an appearance from Lifford Shillingford the original voice of Artul Dodger’s ‘Please Don’t Turn Me On’ - building a union between the old skool crew getting down at the back and the fresh faces losing their shit at the front. Then they played ‘Latch’ and, as we’re sure you can imagine, the roof wasn’t simply raised but blown straight off, not just on fire but going nuclear – we’re tempted to call the track a future classic but it’s probably there already.

A true triumph of the night was a very special introduction to the secret that Disclosure man Howard can sing! The younger of the brothers completely threw the crowd by stepping up to the mic and offering vocals on a brand new track from their upcoming album, received in rapture by the crowd - its simply another box ticked on their indisputable talent sheet and the kind of moment that makes the night really and truly special. 

It’s been a fascinating, exciting and powerful journey that has brought Disclosure to where they are today and one that proves to all young musicians that anything is still possible just as long as you have the talent, belief, knowledge and a few undeniable bangers. 

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