Eberg - The Twinkle Tune (Instant Karma)

20 Dec 2006

"he should let go a bit if he doesn't want the bulk of his audience to be 11-year-old girls scrawling the name 'eberg' into their pencil cases..." - release - '06

Eberg - The Twinkle TuneThis is sounding really good. Wow. Well, apart from that really annoying sample... what a fantastic bass line!

Oh no. It's going on a bit now. Oh, oh... no, oh that's not what I wanted. No.

'The Twinkle Tune' is really well arranged song, one that's obviously a labour of love. All the sounds are perfect, and that bass line really is great. Yet I've seen a lot of people go down the same road, one where you work so much on sounds and the way you want the record to come across down to the very last detail that there just isn't enough surprise to the finished product.

It's really jolly pop, in fact it's so disgustingly poppy that if they took a gamble and pushed this as far as it could go it might oddly become really quite something, but it actually drags on, with that bloody sample becoming more and more hideous.

I'm left feeling that this guy is good but this song is not. If you're to check out his other songs you'll find they're much better, but I've been listening to this long enough to deem that 'The Twinkle Song' is bad simply because of that awful sample. I do think he should let go a bit if he doesn't want the bulk of his audience to be 11-year-old girls, scrawling the name 'Eberg' into their pencil cases. As I get the feeling we're going to hear more and better things about him, I'll be festive, and suspend judgement.

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