Electric Six - ‘Radio Ga Ga’ (Rushmore)

17 Dec 2004

new label, more pastiche, and a return for detroit's electric six; release - '04.

Electric Six - 'Radio Ga Ga'Perhaps the longest-serving novelty band of all-time (their public career spanning a good, almost two years - unheard of), Electric Six at last muster the courage to lay down their ingratiating Queen cover, no doubt to peg them their third, proper iron(y)-fisted, dancefloor hit (following the genuinely still-worthy 'Danger! High Voltage' and sumptuously inane 'Gay Bar').

'Radio Ga Ga': it was crap first time around, and it sure as hell hasn't changed. Especially when purveyed by a band with the raspiest, sleaziest crooner in rock, Dick Valentine. Both sublimely tasteless and captivatingly mind-numbing, if it wasn't for the fact the whole thing does make us laugh quite hysterically, we'd probably never forgive them and want to gouge their nutsacks off (oi - steady, fellas... that might be just what they want).

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