Enter Shikari - The Zone (Ambush Reality)

13 Dec 2007

off cuts, demos and radio sessions from the rave metallers who were apparently meant to 'own' 2007. the very definition of patchy; release - '07

Enter Shikari - The ZoneChoices. They can be difficult to make at the best of times. When a band delivers a prolific output of material, we're often left in a quandary over which record is their best. It's the kind of thing we argue about. Yet Enter Shikari make this choice easy in the sense that their new LP The Zone is basically nothing more than demos, out-takes and radio sessions from over the past couple of years, and far from a patch on their debut LP proper. You'd be right in thinking that it's deep in the territorial boundaries of 'fan club members only', for that is precisely what it is.

Choosing to own only this Enter Shikari record would be like opting for Coke Zero when Diet Coke is very much widely available (unless we're misunderstanding the relative merits of each, which we might be). But upon deeper thought and inquisitive examining, the comparisons don't stop there. The maximum taste of Enter Shikari's latest LP is hardly difficult to come by, so why would any member of the general public want to fork out as much money for an offcuts record? And do they have enough hardcore fans who want both records to justify the existence of The Zone?

But we digress. Enter Shikari cross-reference their rave/metal stylings to varying degrees. In one hand it's great that you don't know whether to rave on waving your glowsticks, or give devil-horns and mosh and break a few teeth. It's an even more difficult conundrum another if the album in question is of a certain high standard.

And this one, largely, ain't. 'The Feast' demo in all fairness, even in primitive and basic form, is a hard and fast epic with a nice keyboard number for an intro, though 'Adieu' (Routron 5000 Remix)' is dreadful, sounding like the band picked a dance track from the late 90's dance wilderness and needlessly resuscitated it with heavy metal. And a previously downloadable track, 'Mothership' is now available as part of a full release, which is just gratuitous of them.

Stream 'The Feast (Demo)' from 'The Zone' HERE.

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