Envelopes - ‘It Is The Law’ (?)

19 May 2005

immaculately packaged vinyl-only debut from a band whose product is housed in... an envelope; release - '05.

EnvelopesPost Punk. Post Rock. It was inevitable we'd all turn into Post Men eventually. Still, it's nice to see someone actually pushing the envelope a bit. The question is who's pushing the envelopes?

The 7" (which precedes the LP 'Demon') is apparently released by limited company no. 05282973. Now, if I was a decent researcher, or alternatively got paid for this, I may go over to Companies House and look it up. At the moment, I'll just pray it's not the people at IPC, the cat no begins 'NME'... ya see. Still, it seems a bit 'far out' for the editor's current tastes (i.e. weirder than the Red Hot Chilli Peppers). Indeed, so 'far out' that I worried I may have been playing it at the wrong speed. Not that I care; it sounds great at both.

A band split between Paris and Stockholm and who re-write '99 Red Balloons', but with lyrics along the lines of 'Clint Eastwood and Steve McQueen are chasing me', hot on the heels of a song that sounds like a synth-pop version of the Mystery Jets, and closing with the Flaming Lips burning the Cardigans at the stake with their lo-fi fire lighters subverting expectations, with lines that start 'I don't want that lip gloss you can stick it up...'. To find out how it ends, buy the single. It Is The Law.

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