Envelopes - Smoke in the Desert, Eating the Sand, Hide in the Grass (Brille)

24 Apr 2007

your guess is as good as ours; release - '07

The Envelopes - Smoke In The Desert...Some of the most powerful sounds of contemporary music, and perhaps music in general, are sounds that echo older sounds. This echoing is made most powerful when the sound that is being regurgitated has been away for a while, which is often a result of it going out of fashion in the first place. Sounds usually go out of fashion because they date, the result being that tacky sounds that date quicker subsequently go out of fashion faster, and therefore also come back in faster...

If you don't believe me, a good case in point is 'new rave', although we all know, the Klaxons know and the NME know in their heart of hearts that it's a genre of music that doesn't exist. However, the want to hark back to the glory days of bad music is still apparent.

This is why we have so many bands that currently sound really eighties. Well, what did we expect? Of course bands sound eighties these days. Big deal. They're beginning to sound nineties, and they sounded seventies in the eighties. So what. This is how it works. It's well documented, widely accepted fact.

It may seem strange to bring this up in the context of Envelopes as the references they make to the past are quite subtle, and exist just at the corners of their sound. They echo a varying array of eighties and seventies music at their fringes, and this makes the echoing process even more powerful - when you can't quite place the sound, it seems to tease you along, at once satisfying you and confusing you...

At the centre of this song you have a very simple disco guitar band effect. Something about this music makes you think that it should be produced better, as it's a shame that the first thing you notice is the boomy, middle-y bass, but the most enjoyable thing about it is the gentle flickers of imagination in every corner, along with a couple of great little melodies. This song deserves a much better recording, perhaps if it was straight up garage indie it would be OK, but it isn't - it's far more ambitious.

Stream 'Smoke In The Desert...' HERE.

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