FACT FILE: Cymbals

11 Jul 2017

Drum roll please... Cymbals Q&A


FACT FILE is a quick need-to-know Q&A intro to the emerging acts that just might go on to become your new favourites.

What's the best gig you've ever been to?

Kate Bush at Hammersmith Apollo. I never expected to see her live, and to see her perform such a special show was wonderful.

The worst?

I've seen a few disappointing gigs at festivals- Animal Collective when they chose not to play any actual songs; Babyshambles... One that comes to mind is Cut Copy at Primavera- I love In Ghost Colours and Bright Like Neon Love, but they played loads of Madchester-style stuff from a later album, with inspirational phrases projected in psychedelic colours, which wasn't really for me.

Salty or sweet?

Sweet- I'm eating a creme brûlée right now.

What's the hardest song you ever wrote?

Probably Like An Animal from The Age Of Fracture. It went through a lot of very different versions over several months and probably wouldn't ever have been released if our manager Stephen hadn't heard a demo and made us record it.

The easiest?

Probably Erosion, also from Age of Fracture. We recorded this a day after jamming it, when two out of four of us were convinced it was rubbish, but that was probably just because it's so simple- I love playing it now.

Cats or dogs?

Dogs. Cats hate me- I thought I'd found one that didn't when we were last on tour, but it suddenly turned on me and scratched me all up my arm.

If you could be another person for one day, who would you be?


Can you remember your worst hangover?

On the Monday after Reading festival one year, I remember packing up the tent, trudging to the station and waiting in a train queue as if they were the trials of Odysseus.

Can you remember the happiest memory of your childhood?

Hard to rank them, but I remember one Christmas getting a walkman and listening to every radio station I could find.

Who is the best band in the world? (you can't say yours)

Boring answer, but I expect it's LCD Soundsystem

What would you rather do; eat a spoon of snot or punch your dad in the face? (Left by Francobollo)

Er, I'm not going to dignify this with a response, but thanks anyway Francobollo.

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Cymbals play Thousand Island, 31 August

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