FACTFILE: Dream Wife

11 May 2016

The badass London-via-Iceland trio you really need to get to know


Fact file is a quick need-to-know Q&A intro to the emerging acts that just might go on to become your new favourite band.

This week: Dream Wife


Band name: Dream Wife

Formed: In an art university in Brighton as an art piece in 2014 - we later on became a fully functional band.

Previous musical activity:

Alice (guitar) - "I've always been in bands, it has obsessed me forever I think. I used to scream 'n thrash a guitar in punky groups and also have long running solo and collaborative projects."

Rakel (vocals) - "I've been in a few Icelandic bands since I was a teenager. I was also one of those Toddlers & Tiaras kids that competed in every singing competition - it’s a big thing in Iceland - and I've got a few trophies in my parents' garage. At one of those I got asked to play with some older cool boys in my high school and that’s how I made my first band. So I stopped doing those and got more into writing my own songs. Glad I didn’t go down that route as a older teen - I might have ended up on The Voice."

Bella (bass) - "I was always around music and drawn to musical people but never really thought about it being for me, I just wanted to be an artist. I was in a couple of quite strange bands before, but I do feel as though I have fallen into doing music somewhat by accident. I had never played bass before Dream Wife."

How you met: "Bella and Alice were hanging out at shows as teenagers in Bristol and ended up going to the same art university in Brighton. Along came Rakel and that’s where the three met."

First song you wrote together: "The first song we wrote was called 'Believe'. We decided to make a band, jammin' in Bella's bedroom and tried different beats on Rakel's looper and found one beat we liked and made a song from there. We used to called it 'Funkydelicious' - it's not really very funky any more. It actually ended up being our first single. It’s was poppin'. Sometimes your first idea becomes the best idea."

First gig together: "Our first gig other than the one in the gallery was at our friend Lama's birthday party. It was at the Green Door Store - a venue under the train station in Brighton that we loved to go to for dancing and seeing new acts play. We played a few cover songs and songs we had just written whilst images of Lama as a baby and an awkward teen were projected on our faces. It was super fun and when we started to see just what that this band could be live, we all wanted more."

Biggest mutual band influence: David Bowie

If you could support anyone on tour, who would it be: "Well, Bowie died, Prince died, that narrows things down a bit. It would be beyond rad to tour with Peaches!! Imagine."

The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? "That's an impossible question."

What is, in your opinion, the best - not your favorite, but objectively the best - song of all time and why:

Alice - "David Bowie's 'Lady Grinning Soul' - the mood it evokes is so powerful. In Dream Wife, the emotive nature of music is a facet of songwriting we strive to harness, and 'Lady Grinning Soul' is one of the ultimate moods I think I've ever felt from a song. It's an inspiration in this sense, and that has to be honored."

Rakel - "Dolly Parton - 'Coat of Many Colours'. I’m Dolly obsessed. I even wrote my dissertation about her. This is a simple song about her childhood in the smokey mountains. The lyrics hit hard and the melodies and the way she sings it are simply stunning. It always makes me cry and reminds me of how much I love my mama. I also think about her vocal structure in that song when I sing our song 'Kids'."

Bella - 'It feels a little cliché, this year considered, but up until last week I probably would have said 'Purple Rain' without batting an eyelid. A powerful track."

You've got three albums for your Desert Island Discs, what are they:

Alice - "Bella and I have been getting way too into this record called 'The Romantic Magic of Hawaii'; It transports you to paradise and it would be dreamy for a desert island chill out."

Rakel - "Chet Baker - 'It Could Happen To You. For when we feast under the stars."

Bella - "Talking Heads - 'True Stories'... I just couldn't imagine life without it."



Dream Wife headline the launch of RFB's new club night Popular Culture at The Finsbury on May 27th, with support from Partybaby, FVC and Swim Deep (DJ set). On sale now: http://www.seetickets.com/event/popular-culture-presents-dream-wife/the-finsbury/978606

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