FACTFILE: Jess Williamson

10 Feb 2017

Ahead of her show on 13 Feb, Jess Williamson takes our FACTFILE Q&A

Fact file is a quick need-to-know Q&A intro to the emerging acts that just might go on to become your new favourites.

This week: Jess Williamson

Which do you prefer, CD, Vinyl or MP3? Vinyl for sure.

Last album you bought? "Other Trails" - RF Shannon. It's such good driving music

Tell us a story: I'm a burn victim right now! It's pretty cool. I missed the first show of my tour because I was in the hospital. I was at a service station somewhere on the highway. I placed my fresh americano in a precarious location and it fell on my leg somehow causing a serious burn. The manager of Costa was an angel though and administered first aid and got me a taxi to the hospital. Free health care is a beautiful thing!  I couldn't believe it when I didn't have to pay anything. We aren't used to that in the US...

First gig: Death By Audio in Brooklyn in march 2010 with my first band, Rattlesnake

If you could support anyone on tour, who would it be? Joanna Newsom because I would get to see her play every night

Recommend us a book: I'm reading "I Love Dick" by Chris Kraus and it's a fun read. I needed something kind of easy for tour, if I try to read anything too dense when I'm traveling I just end up not reading and staring at my phone like a zombie. I first heard about this book when I was in Marfa last fall because they shot a TV show based on the book out there and Kevin Bacon is in it I think? Anyway, the book is great.

Ultimate ambition? I was driving earlier to my Newcastle show and the thought crossed my mind that if I ever do ayahuasca I'll probably realize I need to stop being so ambitious. Ambition is kind of a problem for me, I always want to work harder, do more. So it's interesting to get this question now. My ultimate ambition is to be content with what I have instead of always focusing on what I don't have.

Tickets to see Jess Williamson at Servant Jazz Quarters are available now. 

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