20 Jun 2016

Let your new favourite Danish punks introduce themselves


Fact file is a quick need-to-know Q&A intro to the emerging acts that just might go on to become your new favourite band.

This week: Less Win


Band name: "Less Win"

When did you start playing under that name?: "2011 or thereabouts"

Previous musical activity if any: "Patrick and Casper were in a garage-y rock/pop band called Painted Daisies, as well as numerous shorter-term bands during their Copenhagen youth. They formed Less Win initially as a two-piece backed by a drum machine, then with their first drummer Kasper before he left and was replaced by Matthew. Matthew was in a band called Bad Luck Charms back in Hobart, Tasmania, as well as sundry other bands there before moving to Copenhagen and playing with a band called The City Kill for a couple of years, then an alt-country band called Sink Ships."

First song you wrote together: "From memory it was 'Listen Louder' which is on our EP 'FURTHER', but we wrote all four tracks from that EP in a whirlwind few days, so it's all a bit of a blur. It felt like a manic rush of energy and that it was always meant to be. Something clicked."

First gig together: "Hectic and tense. Matthew had only been in the band for a month so was still learning the songs. The venue was a shitty but lovable dive bar in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, called Drone. It's in a basement and is a mess of a venue - it smells horrible - but they've always been supportive of music in Copenhagen."

Biggest influence (musical or otherwise): "Too various and varied to mention, so ultimately our biggest influence is probably each other."

If you could support anyone on tour, who would it be: "This is a tough one. The most fun would probably be someone really washed up and debauched, like Motley Crue or something, just in order to sit back and watch the bitching, chaos and managerial interference unfold before and after the show. Or else touring with our friends Yung would be great, but that might happen eventually anyway."

The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? "The Stones, although this might be controversial."

Recommend us a book: "'The Vivisector' by Patrick White"

What is, in your opinion, the best - not your favourite, but objectively the best - song of all time and why: "'Spring Rain' by The Go-Betweens is the perfect guitar pop song. Jangly, flippant, self-knowing, ironic and the band are oh so pretty in the accompanying film clip."

You've got three albums for your Desert Island Discs, what are they: "This is too hard. Probably a Trojan ska compilation, to suit the desert island weather. Perhaps a spoken work album, so as not to feel so alone on the island. 'Alec Guinness reads T.S Eliot' maybe? And a guitar rock album for kicking out the jams, when you need to blow off steam. Perhaps something by The Buzzcocks or The Replacements or The Stooges?"

Ultimate ambition for the band?: "Write better songs, tour as much as possible, and, ultimately, make absolutely shitloads of cash."

The world ends tomorrow, what do you spend today doing: "We'd probably drink and celebrate with our loved ones until we pass out, in order to sleep through the whole thing when shit goes down."



Less Win play a free show with support from Morning Smoke at The Shacklewell Arms on July 5th. Sign up for free tickets here: https://dice.fm/event/less-win-5th-jul-the-shacklewell-arms-london-tickets

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