Fake Laugh - As I Get To Know You Better (Watch)

12 Dec 2014

Kamran Khan's pop project, Fake Laugh releases a video for EP track 'As I Get To Know You Better'


I don't dance as much as I used to. Maybe around my room sometimes. Maybe. Perhaps to any of the abundance of Nile Rodgers' tracks that are - rightfully - getting played a lot these days. The second I hear Fake Laugh's 'As I Get To Know You Better', the instant I glimpse its brilliant video, I wanna move. Just bop or loosen up at little. I really do. It's not dance music, but people used to dance to sweet warping guitars. The song strikes the chord missing from a lot of songs right now: that vibe of good honest fun and a hint of sincere concern. By no means is the track necessarily a throw back though, thoroughly in vogue, it picks up the Canadian-laden baton from bands like Tops and Mac DeMarco. A meal deal combo that minces Dad-rock guitar sounds of the 80s with song-writing sentiments and melodies of the 60s. Wrapped amongst a delicate interweaving of masterly playful guitars, accompanied by featherweight vocals, there is tidy lyrical value. As we slide, clap and two step we subtly hear a weary tale of attraction. At the core, this is a song about lightweight love. Amongst the squeaky clean sounds is a little derision, an anxiety that grows. This is not 'Murder on the Dancefloor' or 'Love in this Club', Kamran Khan places us in real life. Romance enough to enthral but something that, like the track itself, will be ultimately cut short. The best track coming out of this city for a long time. Enjoy responsibility.

Kamran Khan plays a free entry show at the Market Bar in Dalston on 17th December. 


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