FAMY - Friends Home (Listen)

08 Aug 2014

Exclusive track 'Friends Home' arrives on the radio waves from Famy.



Zane Lowe's Radio 1 slot often clashes with one's trip to get their falafel wrap, chicken nuggets or poutine. The premier dinner slot DJ is top dog, a staple of the radio waves and iplayer scene alike. From Huddersfield to Hackney,you can rarely cook your ramen spicy enough unless it is in the company of Zane's "Hottest Record in The World". For all those eagle eared listeners who heard yesterday's programme, you would have caught the exclusive dropping of new track 'Friends Home' from London boys FAMY.

'Friends Home' continues FAMY's trickling of tracks ahead of their incoming debut album 'We Fam Econo', released September 22nd. Like 'Ava' and 'Donkey before it, it sounds established and sea stained. 'Friends Home' chimes with a chorally driven melody that opens with twinkling acoustic guitars banging out a sombre call. The rhythm section and zealous vocals take the lead as the song builds. Bruce Yates never ceases to emote across the song, sizeable heartache and assured triumph drip off the chorus. FAMY strive to keep things both boisterous and beautiful. A bit like having tinnies with your mates, just in the Sistine Chapel not your local park common.

Check out 'Friends Home' below:



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