Foreign Born / The Bright Space / Oversol - London King’s Cross Water Rat’s - 17/11/05

29 Nov 2005

three-band, new lot bill at the poky, victorian mini-theatre in king's x. inclusive of california's muchly revered fb.

Foreign BornOne listings trawl on the 'net, then a step into the Water Rat's some hours later... And proceedings open with one of the next hotly tipped bands from America (another?), Foreign Born. Hailing from San Fran, they've been likened to U2 or The Killers, but in our judgement it's more of a warbly Jared/Kings of Leon fronting Joy Division-type thing. The lofty 'We Had Pleasure', taken from their 'In The Remote Woods' EP, is by far the stand-out track tonight, but there's more than enough to get excited about. If you like your music all floppy-haired and jerky, then Foreign Born are the boys for you. Failing that, you could always use the band members' names to win a game of 'Scrabble'; the singer is Matt Popieluch, guitars are supplied by Areil Rechtshaid and Lewis Pesacov (bass), with drumming duties being provided by Garrett Ray. Beat that.

Gem of the evening has to go to The Bright Space. This quirky South East London four-piece take to the stage as if that's what they were put on this earth to do and precious little else. It's so obvious that, growing up, they were spoon-fed slices of Mansun, Crashland and Shed Seven by wild apes in Deptford Creek, washing it down with a glass of finest Stone Rose(s). Yet for all the Britpop fineries, there's a stealthy blend to satisfy everyone here, enough searing power chords to generate a small town for months. Highlights of the set being 'Wrongstar' and (unfortunately) closing track 'Suffocated By Sound', it's (schm)indie the way it should be. (N.B. Singer Malcolm is very reminiscent of Jaime Harding from Marion (remember him?) and he sings with a passion that's not seen enough.).

After a swift set change which includes adding some light boxes with their name cut out, it's time for headline act, Oversol. Originating with four members, the band formed in 2002, hooking up together from Chichester and Bristol, but it was only when keyboard player Reece joined a little while later that the band were complete. With stirrings of Jellyfish and a calm QOTSA (mainly due to the likeness of vocals to Josh Homme), Oversol soon convince any doubters amongst us that they can justify top billing. Debut single 'Speed' is released on 28th November so keep an eye out, whilst there's a cracking beard on show from the lead singer and, with this cold weather, who can blame him.

An enlightening, experimental night and three new names to keep tabs on; even if it's only to boost the Scrabble score.

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