Foreign Born - ‘We Had Pleasure’ (Moshi Moshi)

23 Nov 2005

embarrassingly anthemic, but undeniably great songsmanship(!) from la indie newcomers; release - '05.

Forein Born - 'We Had Pleasure'This is an indie ANTHEM. Yep. Buy it now or on the modern equivalent of 'The best album in the world ever...'.

This song is SO HUGE it even has TWO CHORUSES.

And the tale of an apathetic, destructive relationship is genuinely affecting despite, very obviously, being too cool for school.

Literally, when myself and Toby first heard this, we were jumping around the office like excited schoolgirls. Two weeks on, and it was sounding a little stale. Note the irony with relation to lyrical content.

Still, this is a truly memorable song, that you'll feel you've known your entire life, and should propel the guys to superstardom. Following this up is going to be the challenge.

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