Franz Ferdinand - ‘Walk Away’ (Domino)

01 Dec 2005

not a cast cover - the second 45 from the band's huge-selling, second lp, '... so much better'; release - '05.

Franz - 'Walk Away'Where the pompous, text book Franz Ferdinand-isms of 'Do You Want To?' helped it to come across as something of a self-parodying novelty tune, 'Walk Away' finds them doing something that hasn't been as present in their attacks on the top forty countdown as yet - namely actually strumming a guitar tenderly instead of jabbing at it in an attempt to get a room full of beautiful, miserable people to dance about.

The problem? They consistently do the latter so well that they haven't quite had the time to develop their skills at the former to a standard where they'd merit a full-blown, single release. 'Walk Away', apt given the title, comes across as a slightly pedestrian effort, not accentuated by the sludgy and unnecessary take on Air's breezy slice of cool 'Sexy Boy' that adorns the B-Side.

OK, so it's pleasant enough, but sadly it's as forgettable as it is momentarily satisfying. Remember, one and all - just because you find it slightly catchy doesn't necessarily mean that it's particularly revelatory.

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