FRIDAY ROUNDUP: This Week’s Best New Music (04/03/16)

04 Mar 2016

featuring Girl Ray, Drones Club, Ho99o9, Boxed In feat. Formation and Kristin Kontrol


It's Friday! Rejoice! And what better way to welcome in the weekend than with five tasty morsels of delicious new music? Here are five of this week's best new tracks from five new acts who are delighting us in equal but entirely different ways. Dig in.


New London trio Girl Ray make the kind of super melodic, super lo fi ditties that sound like The Big Moon with a major Moldy Peaches fixation. They've already found a fan in Mac Demarco despite their fledgling status, which makes perfect sense since both share a knack for lilting, nostalgic melodies with a cheeky twinkle in their eye. 'I'll Make This Fun' is possibly their best yet.



Kristin Kontrol is the new moniker of former Dum Dum Girls ringleader Dee Dee and is about as strong a curveball as you can take without switching out from music to topiary pruning. Where her former outfit dealt in dark-hearted garage rock, KK (don't accidentally add an extra K to that one) is a sassy 80s pop-influenced affair. 'X-Communicate' is an unashamed dancefloor banger, like the kind of thing Little Boots would make now if anybody actually gave a shit.


Pity the fool who underestimates Drones Club. While the South London troupe might bear some of the hallmarks of your next Jungle-esque mysterious hyped dance band (secretive identities, artsy crossover, a 'collective' approach), the accumulative package is something that reeks of adventurousness, ambition and a desire to do something genuinely new. 'Python' is insistent and propulsive and doesn't relent until the very end. All very good traits for a new band mission statement to embody.

Listen over on DIY now.



HO99O9 aren't exactly the shy and retiring types. Nor are they the kind to do things by half measures. Little surprise then, that the latest release from the self-styled New Jersey "mutant freax" is absolutely bonkers - a hellish joyride through the back alleys of thrash metal and rap's gnarliest corners. And just when you think it's over, it kicks back in with the ghost of every nightmare you've ever experienced. Nice.



The latest product of producer Dan Carey's Speedy Wunderground project (in which artists have to record a track in its entirety in a day) twins electronic types Boxed In and buzzy new LCD Soundsystem-inspired Londoners Formation - a match made in muso dancefloor heaven. Undulating and hypnotic, it's all twitchy beats and lyrics about "running out of time". Presumably, they didn't have to look too far outside their own surroundings to come up with those ones.



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