FRIDAY ROUNDUP: This Week’s Best New Music (09/09/16)

09 Sep 2016

feat. CRX, Drones Club, Dream Wife, Pixies and The Brian Jonestown Massacre


It's Friday! Rejoice! And what better way to welcome in the weekend than with five tasty morsels of delicious new music? Here are five of this week's best new tracks from five new acts who are delighting us in equal but entirely different ways. Dig in...

CRX, 'Ways To Fake It'

The final Stroke to go his own way, it's taken guitarist Nick Valensi a long old while to break out from the safety of his day job and test his hand as a frontman. 'Ways To Fake It' is his first offering as leader of new outfit CRX and its fizzing guitars and effortless chorus show he needn't have been so nervous. Almost as much as Julian Casablancas' nonchalant drawl, it's Valensi's strings that are the calling card for the Strokes' signature sound, and within the first 10 seconds here it's like being dropped straight back into New York where the jackets are battered and the jeans will crush your nether regions without a thought.


Though this track - released as part of Dream Wife's recent 'Hey Heartbreaker EP' - has been around a little while, its new video makes it thoroughly deserving of a new mention. All gothic horror feminism and grainy Super8 camera work, it fits the trio perfectly: punk and playful yet powerful, it - like the band - knows how to have a little fun, while still being a badass bitch. We're fans, in case you hadn't noticed.


Life as part of the Brian Jonestown Massacre is a lot easier than it used to be. Having largely ditched their tempestuous, in-fighting ways in favour of sobriety and adulthood, 'The Sun Ship' is the 'Tomorrow Never Knows'-era Beatles sound of a band embracing the lighter side of life. And who would have thought, they wear it well.


The sonic experimenters of London collective Drones Club have got a new vid out this week too. 'Feel No Pain' is at the most club-friendly end of the band's spectrum, its deep beats and hypnotic synth throbs taking you to 3am in the dark surrounds of all the classic nightclubs London is slowly demolishing. Close your eyes and think of Fabric. RIP.



Taking the slightly melancholy string bends of 'Doolittle' album track 'Silver' and slotting them into a rousing chorus, 'Tenement Song' does the admirable job of blending the Pixies of old with enough new tricks to sufficiently quieten the Kim Deal die-hards. With new album 'Head Carrier' upon us, the indie legends seem to have finally found their groove again after a rocky few years. It's good to have you back, guys.



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