FRIDAY ROUNDUP: This Week’s Best New Music (09/12/16)

09 Dec 2016

feat. Goat Girl, The Lemon Twigs, QTY, The Jesus & Mary Chain and Dessert


It's Friday! Rejoice! And what better way to welcome in the weekend than with five tasty morsels of delicious new music? Here are five of this week's best new tracks from five new acts who are delighting us in equal but entirely different ways. Dig in.


'Scum' - the B-side to debut single 'Country Sleaze' - has been rattling around for a few months, but now the Goats have gifted it a video which is more than enough of an excuse to sing its praises once more. Venomously berating the "pale ale" drinking middle classes over barely two minutes of barely concealed rage, its off kilter swing and loose limbed guitar lines are a melodic front for some of the most barbed lyrics in recent memory. Smart.


And now for something completely different. This year, one band of brothers stood out from the masses, bringing a deliciously ridiculous blend of 70s glam and jazz hand-worthy show tune sparkle to the world by way of some truly natty haircuts. As a festive treat, they (aka The Lemon Twigs) have recorded a cover of Beach Boys classic 'Little Saint Nick', and as anyone who's fallen for the D'addario siblings' harmonies so far will know, it's very, very good.


Following on from infectious recent debut offering 'Rodeo', New York's finest newcomers have offered up something a little more downbeat, but no less gripping. Where 'Rodeo' fizzed along on Modern Lovers-style road movie effervescence, 'World Breaker' is a slow burner, brought up on a diet of Julian Casablancas, Lou Reed and 40 fags a day.


No big deal, but legendary shoegaze pioneers The Jesus & Mary Chain released their first new music in EIGHTEEN YEARS this week. Is it any good? Of course it bloody is. Thing is, once you've waited nearly two decades to get back in the game, then there's really no reason to release anything that doesn't stand up to the level of your own bar. And not only do the effortless fuzzed out jangles of 'Amputation' sound like a near flawless next move, it also sounds like the band are having a fuck load of fun.  

Listen via Pitchfork HERE.


Let's ignore the fact that LA trio are releasing their current single through the medium of a fucking CANDLE (no, seriously though). Take the gimmicks away and you've got America's answer to PC Music: a bleepy computer game world full of playful samples and the kind of kitschy, magpie-ish approach to songwriting that means anything goes. 


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