FRIDAY ROUNDUP: This Week’s Best New Music (14/10/16)

14 Oct 2016

feat. HMLTD, Estrons, Bonzai, Husky Loops and Franz Ferdinand


It's Friday! Rejoice! And what better way to welcome in the weekend than with five tasty morsels of delicious new music? Here are five of this week's best new tracks from five new acts who are delighting us in equal but entirely different ways. Dig in.


No beating around the bush here: HMLTD are the most exciting band in the country right now. Think we're hyperbolising? No sir. Recently abbreviated from their previous moniker Happy Meal Ltd (presumably to avoid the fast-approaching law suit), the South London misfits are an acid-streaked gaggle decked out in the ripped remnants of Malcolm McLaren's SEX store and possessed with the dangerous energy of an early underground, gender-resisting glam punk gig. 'Is This What You Wanted?' is their first recorded track and veers between cold twitching hard-edged beats and jagged rips of guitar. It's sexual and androgynous and dangerous and it's what we've wanted for oh so long.


We're bringing over sassy punks Estrons all the way from Cardiff to play our Genesisters collaboration night dedicated to 'Ladies and Gentlemen... The Fabulous Stains'. Why? Because tracks like the gloriously empowered 'I'm Not Your Girl' - an ode to knowing your mind, sticking to your guns and forcibly kicking whoever might resist out on their arse - retain the badass spirit of The Stains and then some. Yes Estrons.


Dublin newcomer Bonzai is the perfect example of the modern millenial musician. Mixing sounds seemingly cribbed from a carefully selected array of videogame shoot-em-ups with beats and vocals daring to be genre-pigeonholed, on 'I Did' Bonzai is singer/ producer/ musician all in one with a Pinterest-style attitude to collating a thousand influences into one whole and little regard for tradition.


London trio Husky Loops have been bubbling under the surface for a little while now, but with 'Fighting Myself' they've fully thrown themselves into the ring. The kind of evil, ominous bassline last seen on one of Rage Against The Machine's darkest cuts rumbles throughout, before Queens of the Stone Age dischordant guitars chime in to up the angst. Despite the reference points, it's 'Fighting Myself's relative restraint that really gives you the willies though, until the final 30 seconds kicks in and all hell breaks loose. Expect broken bones to this one.


Recorded as part of the '30 days, 30 Songs' project - essentially 'Indie vs Trump' - 'Demagogue' finds Franz in typically leering form with eyebrow firmly set to 'arched', calling out the "pussy-grabbing" hands of this most vile of men. It's an unexpected but great return from the band, who've been quiet in the studio of late. But really, who better than Franz to train their laser-sharp eyes and take the piss out of politics' most laughable figure? 


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