FRIDAY ROUNDUP: This Week’s Best New Music (16/09/16)

16 Sep 2016

feat. Blaenavon, Yak, Fake Laugh, Marching Church and Hooton Tennis Club


It's Friday! Rejoice! And what better way to welcome in the weekend than with five tasty morsels of delicious new music? Here are five of this week's best new tracks from five new acts who are delighting us in equal but entirely different ways. Dig in...

Blaenavon, 'Just Desserts'

Our favourite lads Blaenavon (who happen to be playing a mighty fine show at the Scala on October 14), released a full EP around recent nihilist anthem 'Let's Pray' this week. And while there are a couple of most excellent mosh-inducing bangers on there, it's closer 'Just Desserts' that'll leave you winded. A stripped back thing of bitter and twisted melancholy, it features singer Ben Gregory imparting lyrical bile over some rather gorgeous piano work. A very different musical side to Blaeners, but one we hope we'll see more of.

Yak, 'Heavens Above'

Yak's stupidly exciting debut 'Alas Salvation' is still one of this year's finest and all-new cut 'Heavens Above' shows they've lost none of their fire in the interim. Full of howling riffs that Jack White would be proud of and lyrics about the futility of materialism, it's a stomping, glam-rock tinged beast that comes to a climax and cuts out with a squall, with nary so much as a kiss goodbye for your troubles. 


Fake Laugh, 'I Made A Sound'

Fake Laugh - aka Kamran Khan - has been making sounds of the sweetly nostalgic variety for a while now, but over the past few releases he seems to honed said sound into something truly original in 2016. If Mac DeMarco fronted a 50s pre-Beatles, doe-eyed prom band you might be somewhere close, but, as this recent cut attests, there's a certain je ne sais quoi to Khan that can marry the most old school of references while still sounding fresh.


Hooton Tennis Club, 'Katy-Anne Bellis'

On paper, a tune about your flatmate moving house is not the most compelling of ditties, but there's a charming idiosyncracy to Liverpool's Hooton Tennis Club that manages to make the mundane seem kind of magical. 'Katy-Anne Bellis' is full of cute, strangely comforting goodbyes ("We're only down the road if you need us") that make you want to go and buy your mates a little present, just because. It's nice to be nice, and Hooton have enough melodic nouse and cheeky chappy personality to make even a trip down the newsie to buy some milk sound like a pretty fun ride.


Marching Church, 'Lion's Den'

While Iceage spent the majority of last album 'Plowing Into The Field Of Love' sounding like The Pogues' Scandinavian sons, singer Elias Bender Rønnenfelt's new outfit Marching Church are treading a far more claustrophobic path. 'Lion's Den' is like The Cure at their bleakest, peppered with fragile, strangled falsetto and eery, ominous percussion. Creating the dangerous atmosphere of its title, it pits Rønnenfelt and co as the snarling aggressors, and they will lure you in, whether you like it or not.



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