Gang - Eye Garden (Watch)

06 Aug 2015

Feverish, raw and dripping in ravaged melody comes the video for 'Eye Garden'


Feverish, raw and dripping in ravaged melody comes the video for 'Eye Garden', the latest gnarled and Black Sabbath infused single by Brighton via Cantebury trio Gang. Once again teaming up with director Chris Wade to inject even more life into this scintillating track, he told the 405 that the extraordinary visuals were "a love letter to our boys Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro". The gore-pop group handle the viewer with little to no care as you are thrown around for a savage three minutes. Tossing and turning through the dark corners of the bands flat, you come face to face with a seance, some green screen witchery and a basket of what I think are some rather menacing cats.

You can hear the gristle rumble as singer Jimi Tormey burns "but sleeping never comes until the garden's green...". Gang may be losing their mind but as the track clatters on but you don't find yourself hiding behind the sofa. Instead you are possessed by their cowering bass lines, doomed drums and grungy guitars; desperate to be drenched in sweat and blood, dangling from the ceiling alongside the band. Infectious and menacing, heavy pop magic.


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