30 Apr 2019

Ora The Molecule will play at The Waiting Room tomorrow!

ORA THE MOLECULE will play their first headline show tomorrow at The Waiting Room - Get your free ticket Here.

We have asked them to tell us about their favourite acts:

Nora (Vocals)

Pino D'Angio
I love his songs because of his unapologetic groove and cat purring/ car engine Italian voice. He had one hit "Ma qual idea" and I like that he took the bass line from McFadden &Whitehead "Aint No Stopping Us Now" out of context and into his own Italian disco kingdom.

Amadou & Meriam
They have such a beautiful story. They are both blind and hence married from the connection trough making music together. I heard them first time while I was living in LA. I was driving Uber and I had a customer in the car that was on the way to her monthly check up at a plastic surgery centre. I remember thinking of their story making such beautiful music and finding love being blind, while this lady was probably also looking for love but through a different approach.

Building Instruments
My friend showed me this band a while back, and they are still one of my favourites. They are from a place north in Norway called Molde and the songs are in Norwegian. There is something very organic, genuine, and intuitive about their music making that makes me relax and feel like I am being wrapped in some Nymph forest hymn and brought back to nature.

Le Couleur
There is something about their music that fits my style of dancing.

Jan (Keys)

Young fathers:
Not what you expect from Edinburgh, love the out of tune Synth sounds from an old school EMS synth suitcase, strong vocals and powerful live show. Like a hyper version of Outcast.

Pom Poko:
Incredible live band, first thought drummer was out of time but it all made sense after a few beats, heavy guitar riffs like Rage against the machine but with blond bouncy girl singing lullaby melodies on top. Great for the live experience.

Aiming For Enrike:
2 guys, Drums and guitarist doing electronic club music? even I feel I’m quiet technical, I have no idea how they keep time with each other and it sounds amazing getting the whole crowd dancing.

Sju (Drums)

Been following them since their beginnings when they were playing really small shows in London. The vocals and sounds were so intriquening combined with the unusual structures of their songs. Also. Authentic female energy that I felt was very rare in the music scene at that time, and perhaps still is.

My first ever rave in London, dancing to New Error. Pure madness robotic synthetic heartbeat back to the womb feeling.

oh wow this band is so unusual I love everything they do. Channy’s voice so interplanetary, Chris's (bass player) depth of field, and both drummers (Drew & Ben) so powerful.




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