Gogglebox: Watch Lana Del Rey - ‘Blue Jeans’

19 Mar 2012

"Still, there's something about the video that feels quietly triumphant, a knowledge of how far the singer has come from those found footage clips that built her early videos to the big Hollywood style production we've come to expect now"


If there's ever a way to make an audience realise just how far an artist has come along it's the re-release. Team Del Rey have taken 'Blue Jeans', the original tag team partner of 'Video Games', given it a million dollar video and general sprucing up before handing it back to the world. The difference here isn't just the tidy up but the the time that has passed between the tracks first time out to the position it finds itself in now. In amongst all the adversity and opinion there's something about the video for 'Blue Jeans' that feels quietly triumphant, a knowledge of how far Del Rey has come and a chance to step back and take it all in. What better way to show progress than to swap the found footage clips of the past for massive slick Hollywood production? How else to propell yourself away from your critics than to show them something they will possibly never have? There will forever be comment on how Del Rey got there, but it seems like she's doing a pretty good job of being at the top.  


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