Green Day - ‘Boulevard Of Broken Dreams’ (Reprise)

17 Dec 2004

2nd 45 from gd's 'american idiot' concept album, and keeping up the pace; release - '04.

Green Day - 'Boulevard...'Continuing the year that Green Day went mega, 'Boulevard Of Broken Dreams' boasts further backing to the notion that the threesome is writing the best songs of their career.

Breaking past the mould of the darting, three-minute, modern-punk three-chorders, 'Boulevard...' could be a ballad, if it wasn't for the just, disaffected uncertainty of its surroundings and the truly stratospheric, quite terrifying closure. Likewise melodic to the point of frustration, it's a nagging, clanging tune the likes of which we're surprised Oasis didn't get in on first (truly).

Truly, who'd have prophesised an ascent such as this, this far down the line, ensuing? Not us. Yet we're not set to complain.

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