24 Apr 2019

Montreal's Anemone picks some of her favourite hometown artists

Anemone's Chloé Soldevila has picked some of her favourite artists from the wonderful city of Montreal. We're so excited to welcome her and her band to The Lexington along with another Montreal artist we love, Corridor, this June. Have a listen to the playlist and get tickets now!

Whistly Wind - Wetface

Wetface is the project of Jordzi Minkoff, he also makes music videos - he makes all of his music with one instrument, a very special organ which I will not reveal, he carries it to every show and performs a one man show, and well, I think his music fucking rules, I’m a fan.

Green Dollar Bills - Wizaard

I’ve always loved Wizaard, but I find the last EP they put out simply mind-blowing! I’m so impressed by their creativity and evolution.

Truman Show - Lemongrab

Lemongrab is made up of my all time best girlfriends, needless to say it is my favorite band in the entire world.

Politics in Love - Kristian North

Kristian is like the most talented songwriter out there in my opinion…

Party Theme (Bout De Toi Remix) - Anemone

Since I’m from Montreal, I had to include one of our tracks! This is one of my favorites. I made ‘’Party Theme’’ in Garage Band in like an hour when I was house sitting at my bandmate Gab’s apartment and I was really in need to party but it was the middle of winter and nothing was going on. I don’t think I’ll ever be tired of hearing this track and immediately start dancing every time. It was a remix made with 2 of our tracks by Renny Wilson, who produced our first release, a year ago.

Youngsters - Renny Wilson

Needless to say this is the coolest song you’ve ever heard?

Way to be loved - TOPS

I love TOPS! I love their music and I love the people. I hope to tour with them someday.

Trou noir - Bleu Nuit

Great band!

Sugar Coated - Yves Jarvis

I discovered Yves Jarvis recently and really enjoy his music.

There Are a Thousand - Helena Deland

Helena is such a wonderful and talented person! I feel like I’ll always love everything that she’ll do.

Seven - Men I Trust

We toured with Men I Trust in June of 2018 - it was so so fun, probably the best tour we’ve ever done. I’m so happy I got to know them, especially Emma. We don’t get to see each other much because we both tour a lot, but I can’t wait to catch up sometime this summer.

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