HOMETOWN: Far Caspian

09 Jul 2019

Far Caspian pick their favourite tracks from their respective hometowns

Indie trio Far Caspian have picked their favourite tracks from their respective hometowns. See them live at Hackney's Moth Club this October.

London (Alessio)

Nilufer Yanya - Safety Net

The chorus of this song is so sweet, its been proper inspiring for our creative process for new material. I love how the chorus keeps building upon the first phrase whilst the chords just change underneath. Proper vibe. I saw her ages ago in Waterloo because my mate (Lucy Lu) was supporting her. The show stuck in my memory and when she came up to Leeds this year I really wanted us to go catch her. It was nice seeing such a solid progression especially as she just dropped her album that year. You could really hear the evolution of her sound and how it translated live.

Palace - Lost in the Light

This song was such a good way to start an EP. Anything with nylon in it to be honest is mega boom - we've used it so much in our stuff. Joel saw these in Leeds couple years back When we were still at uni. They were pretty well known at the time but there was like 10 people in the audience, and guess it’s encouraging to see that that kind of inconsistency in the early days doesn’t disregard artist's growth.

Ireland (Joel)

Soak - Valentine Schmalentine

I was listening to this tune loads during the recording of the 2nd EP. I really like the tight 'n' dry drums. We haven't been able to catch her at any shows which is a bummer, but I reckon we'll be seeing her in the next year or so!

Talos - Your Love is an Island

Love this song's structure cos he doesn't even say the chorus line until the last 2 minutes or so and just builds everything around him into a huge wall of sound. We caught him at Oporto couple months back and since he’s an Irish artist/producer -from Cork - I really wanted to go and see him.  His live sound was really clean and it was cool seeing him blend organic and electronic elements throughout his set. We’re hoping to catch him at a festival soon.

Leeds (Jof)

Meloncholy Ray - Santa Fey

His new track Santa Fey es Muy fuego, it's well chilly and got some Deleesh guitar riffs in it as well. It's actually our buddy Callum Fewell’s project, but since he’s been gigging a lot it’s become more of a band thing. He went to our college and we’ve been to a couple of his gigs - our favourite one was at LS6 couple months back. He had a really good vocal mix and energy.

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