08 Aug 2018

Toronto, Ontario, quartet Frigs select their favourite tracks from their hometown

Frigs are gonna tear the roof off Old Blue Last later this year. We've loved the band for a long time so we're super excited to see them play in November.

To get in the mood, we asked them to select some of their favourite tracks from their hometown of Toronto. Here's what they picked: 

Freedom Comes in a Plastic Card - Darlene Shrugg
This song rips hard. For me it really embodies how imaginative and creative this band is. Love the Shrugg

Rainbow of Blues - The Highest Order
This is by far one of my favorite bands / songs, Mortimer's guitar riff at the end always gets me <3

Nice Nife - Soupcans
Unfortunately, this band broke up not too long ago, they were one of my favourites to see live, real shame.

Rats - Metz
While on this train of thought, I was obsessed with this song while enjoying a debaucherous summer back in 2013. Metz rips

Hitchhiker - Plasmalab
Speaking of bands that don't exist anymore..... :(.... go listen to this whole record

Town Hall - Whimm
This is an oldie but solid track from everyone's favourite, the brothers Whimm. I heard this song so much while we were on tour with them. It's forever engrained in my brain.

1994 - Beliefs
This song always makes me think of Toronto winters, cold comfort.

Cowboy - Nyssa
Kind of like if Blondie and Bowie had a baby

Dead of Night - Orville Peck
Going to use this opportunity to plug a project Frigs is apart of. Orville is a psychedelic cowboy who writes crooner songs for hopeless outlaws, and we just happen to be his backing band hehe.

Paper Planes - James Baley
This song is truly infectious. Im a sucker for repetition, and they've got the voice of an angel

Staying in Line - Un Blonde
Im sneaking this one in. Technically this artist is from Alberta now based in Montreal, but this album, in my opinion, was the best thing released in the past couple years. swoon

Ribbet Fortress - Fountain
fuck it, I'm sneaking this band in. Good buds originally from out west also now based in Montreal, if you can, see them live.

No I.D. Denied - Deliluh
These guys set up a show in an abandoned subway station in Toronto, need I say more?

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