14 Jun 2018

The 4 members of RVG select their favourite tracks from their hometown

RVG play Shacklewell Arms next month and to celebrate we asked each member of the band to select some of their favourite tracks from their hometown. Here's what they picked...

Parsnip - Dummkopf 

60's Garage. Song is about the coward punch phenomenon or that is what I have gathered. 

Street Hassle - Runaway
Confidently fragile song about being in a shit relationship for too long.

Spotting - Beaut Dads
Ferocious vocals with evil sounding synths.

The Faculty - The Locks
One my favourite bands and with a Devoesque quality. Might be about the guitarist’s beautiful haircuts?

Singing Lessons - Mucking Around
Jagged post punk that will make you jerk ya hips to! 

Hexdebt – Bitch Rising

An amazing band with a strong moral compass. I reckon they’ll probably be in the UK next year.

Spike Fuck -  Tomorrow We Get Healthy

Spike is a mesmerising performer and a very clever songwriter. I played in her band for a little bit and have learnt so much from her. 

Laura Jean - Touchstone

Laura says so much in this song but so subtly that I have to rewind it constantly to consider each line. It’s beautiful. I can’t wait to hear her new album

Body Type – Arrow

We played a gig with Body type last year and they blew us away. They might just be the best band in Sydney right now y’know.

The Newsletters - Stranded
The story in this song has happened to me about 7 times. You think I would’ve learnt my lesson but here we are.

Jess Ribeiro - The Wild

Jess’ first record is a relic. It’s the kind of music that moves around a room like silk. It seems no matter what space I’m in, it always pulls me into the same place.

Exek - Replicate

Sydney/Melbourne hybrid. Refreshing UK post punk/dub vibes.

The Stroppies - Gravity is Stern

Catchy little tunes, gravity is pretty stern. Has that Flying Nun Records feel that Melbourne adopted.

Nun - Uri Geller
Such a good live band, I’m often told I’m a great dancer after their shows. Really looking forward to the next record.

Mikey Young - Socks

Track from Mikey Young’s solo record “your move vol.1” Pretty amazing record, Sounds like harmonia/neu

Taipan Tiger Girls - Now That We Live in Super Chaos

Synthesiser and guitar by Ollie Olsen and Lisa Mackinney and drumming from Mat Watson creates this menacing and unsettling long instrumental track off their second album

Sweet Whirl - Heavy Tackle

Nice dreamy vocals from Sweet Whirl aka Esther Edquist on this track from tape release O.K Permanent Wave

Terry - Take Me to The City

Synchronised vocals and lots of hooks on this track from Melbourne four piece Terry of their recent second album

Mod Con - Get in front Of Me Satan

The closing track on Mod Con's recently released debut LP Modern Convenience

International Velvet – Someday
First single off upcoming debut from Melbourne dream-pop four piece International Velvet

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