Idlewild - Scottish Fiction: The Best of 1997 - 2007 (Parlophone)

18 Dec 2007

the band's most recognisable hits from the last decade compiled. they're from scotland, don't you know...; release - '07

Idlewidl - Scottish FictionScottish Fiction is testimony to the fact that we in the Southern States have overlooked many of our northern cousins' greatest talents. It is something of a travesty (pun intended) that the more dishwater-esque efforts from over the bonnie boarders have been the most lucrative for Scotland's musical culture. Therefore, with Idlewild's release of their best bits from the last 10 years, it's easy to reflect on what exactly it is that we may have missed.

Starting out with 'You Held The World In Your Arms', arguably the most anthemic and recognisable of Idlewild's hits, the album immediately set itself up as a nostalgic jolly through the bands successes. As with most 'Best Of' albums, each song has the slightly epic tinge of a single and subsequently there are no 'filler tracks' and few respites from the feeling that this is an Idlewild showcase. However, with highlights including more reflective tracks 'In Remote Part' and 'El Capitan' as well as the spicier beginnings of 'When I Argue I See Shapes', it's fair to say that Scottish Fiction does a sterling job of taking the casual listener through Idlewild's development.

If you already like Idlewild, Scottish Fiction won't change this. How could it? Yet, if you're looking for an introduction into slightly left of centre Scottish musical talent, this is an ideal place to start. What's more, if this album does spur listeners on to investigate what other gems the Scots have had to offer over the years (did someone say Arab Strap?), it can only be a good thing.

Watch the video to 'When I Argue I See Shapes' HERE.

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