Ikara Colt - ‘Basic Instructions EP’ (Fantastic Plastic)

30 Dec 2003

new material & a tune from lp, 'chats & business'; release - '02.

Ikara Colt - 'Basic Instructions EP'

As tuneful as a bulldog chewing on a bulldozer, much-cherished UK noise-niks Ikara Colt's latest EP is, exhilaratingly, the stuff of US garage-rock hell.

Almost the sole antithesis of all things presently NYC, this quartet's thirst for dirty, industrial electronica beats ('May b 1 Day' - 'Version 2'), Joy Division-esque urgency ('Don't They Know') and love of ear-piercingly shouty vocals and demonic guitar-work ('Bring It To Me') makes for a refreshingly forward-thinking set of aggressive, unobvious musical-dynamics.

Think The Fall duelling in a Monster Truck Derby with Trail Of Dead and you may just find yourself ending up with something like this. Blissful the product is, too.

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