Ima Robot - ‘Public Access’ (Virgin)

30 Dec 2003

debut-ep from drummer joey waronker's new combo; release - '03.

Ima Robot - 'Public Access'

Much in the vein of that fabulous, new, whiny-vox, ultra-trendy, !!! (Chk Chk Chk) and The Rapture-esque, post-punk/disco, no/new/tidal-wave scene (or something), Ima Robot is the thrilling genre-amalgamation project of Beck/REM percussion-wizard, Joey Waronker and a clan of like-minded felons.

'12=3 (Here Come The Doctors)' may prove that IR have a serious deficiency with maths, but seemingly not at grasping the basis of a calculated, urgent, thrilling, noisy and deeply fulfilling rock dancefloor-filler. It's the best, most impressive lead-track of a debut-EP since Stellastarr* launched themselves into the wilderness a month ago.

'Black Jettas', meanwhile, is all desperate guitar-solos, vocalist Alex Ebert's idiosyncratic yelps and stutters ('What the f**k is that,' he bellows in the midst of a compelling hurdle of weary synths and 80s computer-console sound-effects) and the perfect precedent towards the smile-arching 'Sex Symbols On Parade' (where the key refrain throughout is 'GIRLS - LOVE - ME!') or New Order/Duran Duran bleeps of 'The Beat Goes On'.

They may not be human. But these robots are presently programming the hottest party in town.

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