IN PRAISE OF: Dream Wife - ‘Dream Wife’

24 Jan 2018

" power-pop joy"


IN PRASIE OF, a mash up of the critical acclaim surrounding Dream Wife's self titled debut!

'It’s a fact that Dream Wife are at their best making an unholy racket, at the point a raging Rakel Mjöll’s lungs are operating at capacity over a spidery riff from resident axe-wielder Alice Go. ‘Dream Wife’, the band’s debut full-length that it feels like we’ve been waiting a lifetime for, is bookended by two perfect instances of this: ‘Let’s Make Out’, in which Rakel screams the title over and over until it sounds like more threat than promise, and ‘FUU’, still the finest track the trio - completed by bassist Bella Popadec - have recorded yet, here an even more beefed-up beast than before.' - DIY

"They’ve got the art school cred – they all met while studying down in Brighton but are now based in London – they’ve got the slamming tunes and they’ve got the kind of attitude that, were you able to bottle it and sell it to shy and retiring 14-year-olds, you’d make millions. ‘Cool’ is a word that’s chucked about far too lightly these days, but cool is what Dream Wife are. The trio are made up of Rakel Mjöll on lead vocals, Alice Go on guitar and Bella Podpadec on bass, and their glimmering punk-pop is the most exciting thing you’re going to hear this dreary January, and quite likely all 2018." - NME

"Imagine, if you will, that The Powerpuff Girls - after spending their teenage years devouring everything from Bikini Kill, The Bangles and The Sugarcubes to Madonna, Bowie, Blondie and The Spice Girls - ended up at art school in Brighton. That goes some way towards explaining the Dream Wife phenomenon: three astrological fire signs who came together as a result of a performance art project." - Drowned in Sound

"With eleven songs clocking in around three minutes a pop, the band doesn’t waste time with self-indulgence or musical meandering, which I firmly stand behind. Thus, just like the sugar junkie trying to convince you that a handful of Gummi Worms constitute a daily dosage of fruit, I can still argue for the value herein.

The first four songs make up a barrage of garage pop confection. “Let’s Make Out,” with honeyed girl-group harmonies and a screaming chorus hits first, and the politically charged “Somebody,” (“I am not my body, I’m somebody”) is a haymaker from the blind side. “Fire” has some riff-happy guitar work, and “Hey Heartbreaker” has the makings of a single. Finale “F.U.U.” stands for “fuck you up,” something Mjöll rolls off her tongue over and over, “First I’m gonna fuck you up, and then I’m gonna cut you up…” Alrightee then. Pump your fist anthem or eye-rolling silliness? I can’t make up my mind." - Soundblab

'Whether figuratively (say, the disjointed delivery and post-punk rhythms of The Slits and the fearlessness of Kathleen Hanna) or literally (that Spice Girls riff in ‘F.U.U’), Dream Wife have taken all they’ve absorbed from decades of iconic women and created, well, a dream of a record. Occasionally in life we get the bands we want: sometimes - like in the case of Dream Wife - they’re also the bands we need.' - DIY

"A celebration of female sexuality gives the album its lively backbone. Opener “Let’s Make out” is a sexually-charged cut of raw hedonism. Its sister, latest single release “Hey Heartbreaker” follows suit, a sugar rush of fuzzy guitars with an infectious hook for bedroom belt-outs.

Despite their focus on confidently fierce empowerment, Dream Wife recognise the power of femininity in all its forms. Honeyed naivety is exposed alongside feminist fire in tracks such as “Love Without Reason”, baring all with softer lyricism, “Let’s be kids and fall in love”." - Line of Best Fit

"... Dream Wife is very much about the experience of pushing back against patriarchal conventions and the burden of gendered expectations. The scorching opener "Let's Make Out" is gleeful and self-explanatory. As guitarist Go's lurching punk riffs rage, Mjöll expresses impatience that boils over: She howls the song's titular declaration, offers a couple of potential ideas for sneaky smooching and alternates asking, "Are we too shy?" with "Are you too shy?" The turn of phrase is subtle and transformative: One question implicates herself in any hesitation, and the other acts as a flirtatious taunt." - NPR

"Dream Wife neither tempers its messaging, nor fears its own accessibility and inclusivity. While most artists would dread having to juggle the pressure to hit the mark, plus the weight of their legendary influences, Dream Wife have delivered an album that is refreshing in its clarity, its simplicity and its runaway quality." - Drowned in Sound

"Guitar, bass, a standard drum kit and some self-assertive vocals. It takes a lot to be successful with solely this set-up in 2018, but Dream Wife are evidence that you don’t need to follow the fad of big production to make a lasting impression. Rock’n’roll can live on without a synth progression, and you don’t need slick pop beats to drop a track that bangs louder than your new neighbours." - Line of Best Fit

Dream Wife's debut album is out now!

Dream Wife play a headline show at Heaven, 21 March.

Tickets available here

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