Inspiration: Beaty Heart

04 Nov 2013

Check out what inspires ambitious South London trio, Beaty Heart. 

Perrenial groove-mongers Beaty Heart have had prolific year, after kicking off with their Seafood EP on London's Heart Throb Records they're now preparing their debut album for release on Nusic Sounds, after their latest single 'Lekka Freakout' drops next Monday November 11th. The trio offer a compelling mix of trippy, psychedelic and anthemically fun music, which you now have a chance to catch up on, if you're not already rightfully familiar.

The band provided us with a tellingly playful and humor-filled list of what has influenced and inspired them to date, helping to carve out a little knowledge of where their exotic sounds actually come from; a love of African music, post-impressionist art, Nestle cereal and cult TV shows is not entirely unexpected. 

Awesome Tapes From Africa

"In our first year of college we came across this blog, Awesome Tapes From Africa, which was ultimately the basis of inspiration for a lot of our work in the band since. It has loads of links to other amazing blogs on it too."

Henri Rousseau

"We saw his painting, The Dream, in the flesh when we visited NYC in the summer. There is a childlike naivety in Rousseau's work that kind of reminds me of our music a little bit."

Molly the studio Cat

"At the studio where we've been recording our album there’s a 16-year-old cat called Molly who sleeps next to the mixing desk 24/7. She was in a tragic accident many years ago where she lost her tail and her ability to meow. She also is hard of hearing, but that does not stop her from being kind and warm and soft throughout the day. Whenever things get rough for Molly, she keeps it together, without any bitterness in her heart."

Pharaoh Sanders

"Pharaoh Sanders is some powerful sheeet. I love his song titles as much as I love his golden saxophone blaring away in my ears."

Golden Grahams

"I was going to write about how much we are inspired by Golden Grahams, in how they taste so good and make getting up in the morning worthwhile, but then remembered how our producer, Dave, doesn't eat Nestle products because of the time when they marketed a product as an alternative for breast milk in impoverished African countries, which led to the death and suffering of countless babies. People should probably know both these things about them."

The Wire

"I remember how everybody at college kept saying “SHEEEEEEEEEEIIIIITT”. Then I watched all the seasons in an intense two-month haze and totally got the joke."

Cher Lloyd Interrupted

"This lady inspires us to always flush."

Phyllis Galembo's Photographs of African Masks

"James got this book, Maske, for Christmas and it is incredible. We've been playing around with fabrics for the aesthetic of our upcoming album, and this book was probably one of the catalysts of that direction."

Listen to Beaty Heart's latest single, 'Lekka Freakout', below. 

'Lekka Freakout' is taken from the bands' forthcoming debut album Mixed Blessings
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